Faan Aap

"One cannot possess today unless one surrenders yesterday and tomorrow."
User: Dramaman
Race: Hengeyokai - Drake
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Shukenja / Cleric/2
Name: Faan Aap
Race: Hengeyokai - Drake
Class: Shukenja / Cleric
Alignment: Neutral Good
Level: 2

10, 8, 17, 14, 11, 12

Str: 8 = weight allowance 350, door 1-2, bars/gates 1%
Int: 12 = 3 additional languages
Wis: 17 = +3 on save vs. magic mind attacks
Dex: 10
Con: 10
Chr: 15 = 7 henchman, +15 loyalty base, +15% react adj
Com: 11
Hon: 30

First level Clerical Spells: 4
Default Spells Memorized:
1 - bless
1 - Cure Light Wounds x2
1 - Detect Magic

Current Memorized Spells
Bless, Cure Light Wounds x3

Staff Sling 1-8/2-8
Three Piece Rod 1-6/1-4
Armor: Padded
AC: 8
THAC0: 20

Para/Poison: 10
Petri/Poly: 13
Rod, Staff, Wand: 14
Breath Weapon: 16
Spells: 15

Hit Points: 10

Special Abilities:
Rituals: purify = 5% chance; +1 to hit/saves vs. evil spirits
Meditation: 1 full hour = 2 hours of full sleep
Ki Focus: Save +3 (x/day=lvl)
Jujutsu: 2/1, 1d6, AC 7, Hand

Languages known: Hengeyokai, human trade, animal

Personal Belonging:

Other items:

brown cotton trousers
forest green cotton robe
brown hat

Tael: 5
Yuan: 13
Fen: 302
Faan Aap's tribe have for ages been protectors of a wetlands area for centuries. At a young age, Faan decided to follow in the foot steps of his uncle Haang Wan Aap to become a wandering holy man. Thus he left his marsh home and found a temple to teach him the path to enlightenment. He now wanders from place to place seeking to help others, offering peace and enlightenment to those around him.
In his human form, Faan Aap, has a broad flat nose. His skin has a slight yellow/orange hue. his hair is white.