Kobunaratabuhara (Ko)

User: Kirke
Race: Korobokuru
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Bushi/2
Looks much like any other Oriental dwarf: small, stocky, and rustic. Ko is a humble, kind-hearted bushi out in the world to make money for his family of bamboo harvesters back home in the mountains.
Name: Kobunaratabuhara
Race: Korobukuru
Class: Bushi
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: the earth spirits
Level: 2

Str: 18-97
Int: 10
Wis: 11
Dex: 13
Con: 15
Chr: 13
Com: 12 (10 for non-korobukuru)

Birth rank: Lower Middle Class (15% NPC reaction)
Ancestry: Land, small mountain
Birthright: none
Head of family row: M, F, M, [F], F
Father row: M, M, [M], M
Self row: F, [M], M
Family Honor: 5
Personal Honor: 15

Height/Weight: 3'10.5" / 164lbs
Age: 51

Main Weapon: Parang 3/2 attacks (S-M: 1d8+8 / L: 1d8+8) (double specialization + ST bonuses)
THACO: 15 (specialization + ST bonuses)

Ranged Weapon: Sling Stone (S-M: 1-4 / L: 1-4) Range: 4/8/16
THACO: 22 (non-proficient)

Martial Art: Kung-Fu 2/1, 1d6+5, AC 6, Hand
THACO: 18 (ST bonus)

Unused WP: 1

Armor: Metal scale+medium shield
AC: 5

Para/Poison: 14 (11 for poison)
Petri/Poly: 15
Rod, Staff, Wand: 13
Breath Weapon: 17
Spells: 14

Hit Points: 18

Languages known: tribal, trade, hengeyokai, spirit-folk (cannot learn more)

Racial stuff:
120' infravision
+1 to hit bakemono, goblins, goblin rats, hobgoblins
-4 to-hit for attacking oni, giants, ogres, titan, etc.

Ki power (x1 day): +2 levels for 1 turn.

metal scale armor
medium shield
parang (x2)
sling w/ 20 stones
straw hat
kimono (cotton)
coarse blanket
poor food (5 meals)

fen: 13
yuan: 9
tael: 0
ch'ien: 5

XP: 0 (remember +10% bonus)