Kurt Donnahan

"Monster Hunter"
User: Gary
Race: White
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class: Big Game Hunter
Born in Bath, England. Kurt comes from old money. When of age, he was sent off to Oxford. Both of his parents passed before he got a degree. Kurt left Oxford to take on the life of a big game hunter. First hunting all the animals in the UK. Then Europe, Africa, and Asia. He is now an Ex Pat in the United States where he heard rumors of even bigger game... monsters.
KURT DONNAHAN, Age 39, – Custom Occupation –

STR 15 CON 8 SIZ 9 INT 11 POW 13

DEX 8 APP 8 EDU 16 SAN 65 HP 9

Damage Bonus: +0

Weapons: .45 Revolver 40%, damage 1D10+2

Elephant Gun (2B) 70%, damage 3D6+4

Armor: none

Skills: Climb 45%, Conceal 22%, Credit Rating 57%, First Aid 40%, Handgun 40%, Hide 20%, Jump 30%, Occult 20%, Ride 56%, Rifle/Shotgun 80%, Sneak 52%, Spot Hidden 67%, Swim 30%, Track 62%