User: Kat
Race: Razorclaw Shifter
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class: Monk
"Well, Ms. Cazara, it looks to me like you're more than qualified. You were with the Executores for how long?"

"About nine years."

"What made you decide to come out here?"

"I was looking for a friend of mine - I was told she was brought out here somewhere."

"Brought… Against her will?"

"She's Eladrin. Was."

"Ah. You must have been close to leave your country -"

"That's really not your business."

"Right. And you've decided to stay in Flint?"

"It's a place to be. There's not much left for me in Serobriga."

"And you want to work for the RHC…?"

"All I know is law enforcement. And I'm good at it. There's no better place for someone like me in Flint."

"Good enough for me. Ms. Cazara, I'd like to bring you onboard on a trial basis. It'll be less pay than you're used to, but if you impress me in the next couple of months, we can talk promotion. Can you start right now?"

"I have nowhere else to be."

"Good. We've got some shit happening in the Bosum - nothing strenuous, just a little civil unrest from one of our resident shit-stirring docker 'activists'. You'll be teamed with another newbie. Druck or Drake or something. Hal, I guess. He's a Beran, too! You guys should have a lot in common."

"Flawless logic, sir. Just tell me where to go."
Cazara's name comes from the Spanish "cazar." A more *correct* word would be "cazadora," but I liked my silly shortened version. My headcanon says that this is a pretty common name for Razorclaws in Ber. She usually prefers to go by "Zara," but won't press the issue.

Cazara rents a second-story studio apartment in the Bosum Strand.