Garwin the Gargantuan

User: Bernhard
Campaign: Scales of War
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Wizard/1
Garwin is quite small for a human, standing a bit over 5 feet tall. His build is lithe and athletic, if somewhat slight. He is permanently bald, the result of some ritual gone awry - Garwin does not like to speak of it. When not adventuring, he prefers colorful and comfortable garb. While adventuring he wears a suit of serviceable leather amour and carries a quarterstaff.
Garwin was born in Luskan to a woman in dire straights, and raised by
the wizard he was sold to when he was 2 years old. The wizard, who
called himself the Grey Mouse, saw his potential in the arcane arts.
He raised him to become part of a gang of thieves that were skilled in
both stealth and the arcane arts. While technically the Mouse's
property, Garwin and his "brothers" were given a long leash, and few
of them had any intentions of escaping their master.

Garwin's life was relatively comfortable in Luskan, and until recently
was quite content to be a thief and occasionally worse. This changed
when Garwin summoned his first familiar. The familiar, a brown rat that
Garwin named Snowball, did not approve of Garwin's lifestyle. The rat
claimed to be a servant of Amaunator, and told Garwin he had a destiny
beyond his life on the streets of Luskan.

At first Garwin tried to ignore Snowball, but the bond between him and
his familiar was strong. After a while Garwin gave in to Snowballs demands,
and begun to plan his escape from the Grey Mouse. Garwin told his
master that a group of adventurers had set up at a local inn, and they
carried a wealth of magical items. He said they were overconfident
in their wizards wards for protecting their gear, and if the Grey Mouse
could defeat those they would be easy pickings. The adventurers were real,
but Garwin neglected to mention some of their precautions. He hoped
that would distract his master long enough to make his mistake. While his
master was away, Garwin stole a cache of gold and headed out into the night.

Gawrin has since been hiding out in the city of Neverwinter, as Snowball tells him
he must meet someone there. Now, with
the gold he stole almost gone, Gawrin is starting to have doubts
about Snowball's origins.
Garwin has a brown pet rat name Snowball. He occasionally argues with Snowball - especially over the morality of various actions Garwin is undertaking.