Mashai the Damned

"You shall only be allowed to linger in doubt regarding if I am traitor only once; if you value your existence doubt not -I am no traitor."
User: Odjit
Race: Dragonborn
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Captain of the airship Odjit/Difficult Challenge
A hulking Dragonborn, even in the standards of his kin, Mashai easily inspires awe and intimidation through his size alone. He is a copper scaled Dragonborn with a keen gaze and a compounding intelligence. His face bears a terrible scar that runs across the left half of his face and wounded his eye leaving him permanently blinded in that eye.

He bears several swords with him, two long swords he burdens in both hands and a large great sword that normally adornes his back. In times of battle he was honored with the title "Breath of the Storm Dragon" for his fighting style that encompassed all three blades seemingly at once.
Mashai does not speak of his past and only few have cared to forfeit thier lives to learn more of this Dragonborn. Of all that is known is that once Mashai was General Mashai of Rin. Due to some event engulfed in secrets and wreathed in silence he fell from his post and disappeared for many great and long years. Once more he is returned into the world, yet for what purpose and reason; that remains unknown.