User: Michael
Campaign: Melora's Cauldron
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Swordmage/19
Seth claims to be some sort of noble from far-off Rhaal, but he shows none of the vaguely exotic/draconic physical features that are generally associated with the Dragon-Lords of that land. In the past, he has drunkenly lamented about his "thin-blooded" father, as well as his brothers, always in the past tense.

The general impression among the crew is that "Seth" isn't his real (or at least full) name, especially among the more senior members of the crew, who remember a time when it would take two or three attempts before he would respond to that name. He was once addressed as "Martlet" by a fellow Rhaalite while in port, but that seemed more of a title or slur than a name, especially since it led to a dock-side brawl between the two.

While serving on "King Johan’s Pride", Seth had been recruiting for an expedition back to Rhaal that had nothing to do with Captain Plath and her quixotic goals for Karuth, dropping hints about a more "winnable" war, for an "intact" kingdom held by "softer" enemies. Since the loss of the Captain, he's not brought it up again except in frustrated muttering.