Anzio Tarixus

"But will it burn?"
User: Brian
Race: Kobold
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Sorcerer, Dragon Disciple/ 4, 4
Anzio Tarixus is a Kobold sorcerer and emissary of the Kobold nation of Nasar Dragonreaper to the kingdoms of men. He oversees an embassy staffed by his Kobold kin in the city of Morovin, and the construction projects they hire out to perform.
Born in a creche under the mountain hall of the Dragonreaper nation, Anzio was marked for greatness from the beginning. The largest of his clutch, Anzio broke free of his egg with scales already as thick as the young ones born years before him. This marked him as darastrixethe, one born with true dragonblood. He was thus able to survive better the squabbles over food, the other wyrmling's claws unable to find purchase on his skin.

As he grew, his dragonwrought nature became more apparent. His claws and teeth came in sharper and larger than the other's. He was capable of manifesting minor magicks in the next few years, favoring small puffs of flame and smoke. After he set a mate's nest on fire as a prank, he was brought before one of the elder sorcerers, a wizened kobold named Malshek. He tested the wyrmling, and found his force of personality sufficient for the sorcerer's art.

That same personality brought him into the service of the Ascendant Wyrm, Nasar Dragonreaper. With his golden scales and quick tongue, he was ably suited to be an emissary to the outside world, who knew kobolds only as treacherous, sneaky, ugly little creatures.
Clear evidence of gold dragon patronage, reflected in the mandibular projection, dermal plating coloration and metallic flecking of the iris. A Kobold of the Dragonwrought subtype, the subject exhibits a more advanced scale structure than a typical representative of his race. The over-development of the structures has been seen to continue to mature over time, and at present rate may surpass even those of the standard wyrmling of the gold dragon variety.

This achievement may seem minor when compared to the progenitor race, but vastly outstrips the typical capabilities of even the few rare Dragonwrought that have been studied. Likely presence of osteoderms makes subject's skin quite difficult to pierce.

Coinciding with continued scale growth is the manifestation of retractable talons and dentata projection. This seems to cause the subject pain and so only manifests for short periods, but continued use and enhanced musculature may allow for prolonged or even permanent deployment.

Regarding enhanced musculature: subject seems capable of undergoing rapid cellular growth at odd intervals. Most recent ecdysis revealed an overall increase in muscle mass, in addition to previously mentioned scale growth. These periods of cellular growth have no discernible pattern.