"If I told you, you wouldn't understand"
User: Jeff
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Wizard/1
The legendary hero of Cauldron is not what one would expect. But then again, heroes are often no match for the myths they inspired. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of his appearance is that he has none. Neither especially pretty nor ugly, if you were looking for a prototypical elf, it would be Alvyron. His face is almost featureless and utterly forgettable, easily blending into a crowd or lost in a memory. His eyes are blank, like a dark pond, too deep to see a bottom. If he were human, he might be 17. To judge a book by it's cover, it needs to have one. Alvyron is simply a blank page.
The Legend of Cauldron changes depending on the bard who tells it, usually to suit the political preferences of their audience (or intentionally create a ruckus and a well-timed diversion). Some details, however, are consistent. A tyrannical warlord seized the assets of his subjects, leaving them nary a crumb to eat. Alvyron appeared, singlehandedly stood up to the man and stole everything he had. Rather than take it himself, he gave everything to the people before disappearing. Emboldened by Alvyron's actions and flush with resources, the people of Cauldron rebelled against their tyrant, seizing the city for themselves. It's been 9 years since anyone laid an eye on Alvyron.

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