"I accept your challenge!"
User: John
Race: WereGoliath
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Warden/7
7 feet tall dark skin with lightning colored body tatoos. thick and strong but not seemingly aggressive..
wares hide carries a shield and a khopesh. And a Skylord's Spear.
Kavaki was born in the mountains just outside Gate’s Pass. His father the tribe leader and founder of The Iron Wolf Warriors. With his father’s passing, Kavaki being an only child took over as leader. He began to improve relations with Gate’s Pass to make living near the city easier. He was able to slowly adapt to the ways of civilized people fairly easy, considering none from his tribe had ever done this before. With limited schooling and each passing year Kavaki became more and more attuned to city life and city folk. He was always able to default to his natural way of life easily. He set up a form of protection that only a military could provide in mass numbers by training some of his people to scout the travelable areas of the mountain side as a form of early warning. If the area was to come under an attack that he was not able to thwart, then the elderly and young of his tribe were allowed to retreat to the city for protection. This went on for a several years and neither side actually had to fulfill its part of the deal. Nothing to report as far as attempted attacks, so safe housing the tribe was never necessary.

When the Regesian Empire began to boil with the act of starting a war, Kavaki was offered a position within the resistance to stop them. He gladly took it because it would make his tribe stronger than ever, having the trust of the city for safety. The resistance decided that they would need some documents to make it to Lyceum for support in the war that was soon to come. Kavaki said he and a couple of tribesmen could perform this task with ease. The resistance wished that outsider adventurers would be a better choice, less chance of something going wrong on the outside with people that would obviously have better world knowledge then any member of the Iron Wolf Warriors. Kavaki understood this point and accepted that he would not do it and stay and help the city. The day Gate’s Pass was attacked Kavaki was once again in a secret resistance meeting hall and was unaware of the attack before he could send word for the tribe to retreat inside the city before it was sealed off.

The Regesian attack complete vanquished all of his tribesmen or enslaved some of the weaker willed to help them. Kavaki was unable to leave the city to help him tribe or even check on them. He found out the adventurers barely made it out of the city before it was taken and he was not too thrilled about this. Kavaki eventually made it out of the city to discover the fate of his tribe. Filled with anger and the vengeance of the mountain storms he knew what he was going to do to set the souls of his tribe free. He was going to make sure that the resistance’s plan was carried out without fail. He needed supplies, and had to find the group with the documents to help them and then further their conquest of stopping the Regesian Empire from conquering the entire continent. He depleted his tribe’s resources to acquire traveling gear and supplies, also to smuggle his way out of Gate’s Pass. He knew he had to hurry and sleep as little as possible to catch the party that had 2-3 day head start on reaching Lyceum.
Seeking to be the ultimate weapon for nature. But now has contracted lycanthropy. Will he stay his path and use an abomination against his beliefs, or for them by having a changed prespective? Never the less Kavaki lives and will fight for nature's existence. Well for now anyway....