The Alchemist

"Be Prepared.....what? I don't Care if it's the Boy Scouts Motto too"
User: Cyd
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Magic Gadgeteer/PL 10
Emerald City once had its own Great and Powerful Wizard. His name was Harold Fey, to most people he was a simple, likeable, proprietor of a used book store. Few knew that he was one of the reasons that the city wasn't destroyed. The city has a connection to the Spirit World, sometimes called OZ, Yggdrasil, and Nevernever land, it is a world where Magic is common, and Fairies are real. Some of the nasty things that didn't make it into the Brothers Grimm tales have attacked Emerald City more times than the most could count, but Harold Fey stop most of them before there was any loss of life, other would be explained away as major storms at did tons of property damage. That didn't change when he learned that his brother had died and left a wife and child with no way to support themselves. He sent money to help with bills, but didn't know that his sister-in-law was having a mental breakdown for all that had happen. A corrupt social worker put his nephew in a DCFS facility and used the money for herself, this didn't last long. The young Geoffrey Merlyn Ambrosius escaped from the facility, worked his way across the country to Emerald City. Harold took him in and gave the boy a home, and showed him the world of magic. After a nasty fight in downtown that most remember as the worse storm in the history of Emerald City the great and powerful wizard was mortally wounded. He gave the secret of his magic to his nephew, who took up the mantle of City Protector. Now going by the name Jeff Ambros, he took this new task but hit a wall, his magic talent was not that of his uncle. This however did not stop him, he simply found a work around by magic items. He started calling himself The Alchemist, and with the Wizard's Villains becoming more bold, he took a more public approach to his heroing, following the example of the Justice League. He has been active in Emerald City for four years.