User: Kristin
Campaign: Of the Night
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Ranger/Rogue/Level 9 (Ranger VI, Rogue III)
Cailyn is a young, half-wood elf woman of slender build. Deep blue eyes look out from a heart-shaped face, missing few details. Her pure-white hair waves to the middle of her back, obscuring her slightly pointed ears.
As a half-wood elf, growing up in Lithus was not a pleasant experience for Cailyn. In the elven society, wood elves were part of the lower classes and looked down upon, only one step up from the drows. They were ridiculed and abused often by their higher ranking cousins (the high elves and gray elves). For Cailyn, whose existence caused a kingdom-wide scandal, it was especially difficult.

Her mother Lily was a beauty, even by elven standards. Her petite figure, soft, golden hair and forest green eyes drew men's attention everywhere she went. Even the high elves were gracious towards her, though none would actually court her for fear of being shunned. However, one did eventually pursue her, much to Lily's surprise. For he was a gray elf, and one of the most powerful and greatest advocates for keeping the caste system in tact. This blatant disregard for social norms was virtually unheard of, but who could argue with the highest of the elves?

Not surprisingly, Lily's heart was as pure as her beauty. She refused to court the elf unless he promised to help rid the kingdom of the oppressive social system. He agreed easily. Lily became infatuated with her suitor and announced their engagement, and nine months later, she gave birth do a darling baby girl. Five years passed before Lily realized the promise her husband made was a lie. He only agreed so she would become his wife, and now Lily was trapped. Five years of witnessing how his temper could be, she knew if she tried to openly leave him, he would exiled, and she could not bear the thought of leaving her five year old daughter behind.

Once in awhile, Lily would venture out in the valley and what little they had left of a forest. As a wood elf, it relaxed her, and gave her strength. It was on one such trip, years later, that she met a handsome human man, have dead from lack of food and exhaustion. He was young, but he had pure-white hair. Lily searched around and eventually found an abandoned home not far from their location, and managed to carry the human there. For weeks, she nursed him back to health, talking about her home and the social crisis it was going through. The human sympathized, explaining that many of the human cities were run in a similar manner. Lily found herself falling for the human, who had a kinder soul than her husband.

She spent the next few months sneaking out when she could to see the human, and it didn't take long to see she was pregnant with her second child. At this time, the human tried to convince her to elope with him, but she was in no condition to do so, and she couldn't leave her other child. So they decided to wait until she had given birth. Little did Lily know, her husband had scryed her, though all he saw was her speak with a white-haired human and leave. He was not concerned, until the day Lily's second daughter was born. Another baby girl arrived, but upon seeing her, Lily's husband went into a rage. For the little girl possessed snow colored hair, mirroring that of the human's. He banished his beautiful wife, but did not allow their child to go with her. The newborn he did not want, and nor did he want his wife to have her. He abandoned her in one of the orphanages in the wood-elves area of the kingdom.

Cailyn was raised never knowing what had happened. All she knew was her parents were gone, and she was alone, save for one person. Her sister was forced to live with her father, who tried to raise her to be like him. She put on a good front, but she was like her mother and detested him. Whenever she could, she would venture out and spend time with Cailyn, often taking her into the nearby forest to teach her the skills that a wood-elf would traditionally learn. As she grew, her sister instilled in her the importance of relying on one's self and being wary of who she gives her trust to. Not having experienced the trauma of her sister, Cailyn only half listened to her words. Though she was still shy and distrusting of strangers, she grew up with an open mind and a good heart like her mother. Her sister also taught her a few skills of the rogue, just in case she should ever need them. They often did come in handy for the young elf, as she was looked down upon by many of her peers for being a half-elf, which was all she knew of her heritage. It was hard for her, but as long as she had her sister's visits to look forward to, she tried not to let it bother her. Still, she couldn't help but dream that one day, all her people would be treated equally.

When her sister's visits were discovered by her father, he was furious. He did not want his noble daughter to be associating with a mere wood-elf, especially one who reminded him of his wife's betrayal. He forbid her sister from seeing her on the grounds that he would banish Cailyn, but he allowed her one last visit. When she told Cailyn, her younger sister became distraught over the thought of losing the only family she had left. After much thought, both sisters agreed it would be best for Cailyn if she left the kingdom. They promised each other they would do whatever they could to somehow bring about a change to the oppressive system set in their kingdom. With a tearful departure shortly after her 21st birthday, Cailyn set out to do just that, giving her word to write whenever she could. As she left through the woods, the young elf resolved to look for her parents in her quest to seek better lives for her people.