Lewis Piper

"Let me tell you a story..."
User: Timothy
Race: Avalonian
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class: Treasure Hunter
     Lewis Piper is a slender man of average height. His brown eyes match his brown hair. He wears a beard that has tinges of red in it in the fashion of Captain Berek because it looks so good. He dresses in fine silk garments of black with gold embroidery bearing his family crest; a raven with a golden guilder in its beak. He wears a sweeping black cloak on the road or at sea, and will wear a shorter, but no less black, cape when making social calls. He has no scars or tattoos and does not wear jewelry. He does wear a penny in his left shoe.
     Lewis has a voice that is easy to listen to. He speaks with a special energy that belies the youthful spirit inhabiting his adult body. His hands are not rough and dry like the planks of wood on the docks, but rather much like a baby seals hide, soft and papery.
    Lewis was raised by his nanny since as far back as he could remember. When he was old enough to wonder why he had never seen his parents his nanny became very serious. she left him alone for the rest of the day until supper when she returned carrying a small chest that was locked with a large black lock. He was 9. She told him that when he was old enough to hold a blade and smart enough to know when to use it he would be able to open the chest which contained all the answers he sought. She left the chest in his room that night and when he thought everyone was asleep in the manor house he crept quietly out of bed and towards the chest. The lock was cold and heavy. He pried at it with a small knife he had stolen from the kitchens until the sun came up but the lock would not open. When he awoke that afternoon he put the chest out of his mind.
    When he turned 17 Lewis, now the fully titled "Lord Lewis Piper", he was visited by a strange old highland woman. She claimed to have known his parents. Curious, he allowed her to tell her tale. Lewis loved stories, especially about the legends of heroes that his old nanny used to tell him. He loved to hear about Jack the Giant Killer and The Green Man. He always felt that if he concentrated hard enough that he could imagine himself as those heroes. The old woman would not tell him about a faerie tale that he had heard before. She spoke of a dark shadow that had covered the land when his forefathers dared to forge weapons that could slay a Sidhe! His head reeled! This woman was telling him that HE was a highlander from the clan MacEachern! He had never known anything but the comfortable estate he had grown up in or the easy life of a noble. He was about to dismiss the woman as a raving lunatic when she produced something from her cloak that caught his eye; a black metal key that glinted in the candlelight. Outside the sun had set and a stillness had settled around the house.
    The boy led the woman to his room and pulled from under his bed the chest with the black lock. The woman handed him the key and turned to leave but he didn't notice. With trembling fingers he fitted the key into the lock and with a smooth click it turned. the lock sprang quietly open as it it had been yearning all these years to be released. Inside the chest were documents and birth records tracing his heritage to the MacEachern clan. His father had been one of the many that had not survived the slaughter by the Sidhe. Luckily his mother, who was a fair haired Avalonian from the mainland, had been away at the time with her sister in a coastal village and was able to hide lewis with a trusted friend from avalon and had promised to provide the child with a royal life in safety on the island.
    Also included in the Documents was a map. The map was of an area that few sailors knew of, though he could not have known that at the time. It promised treasure. Stuffed in the bottom of the chest was a small hand mirror that had belonged to his mother. it was beautifully detailed with birds and branches. Resolve pooling in his consciousness he suddenly realized what the truth could mean for him. He scrambled to his feet with the documents in his hands and rushed to the fireplace where he threw the documents into the fire, yet as if by the breath of his fathers ghost a few papers fluttered away from the flames and settled on the ground by his feet. Glancing down he was interested to see intricate drawings and calculations scribbled on the paper and with the MacEachern crest stamped clearly on the document. The secret of how to forge cold iron weapons was lying on the floor at his feet.
    The next few days were spent in feverish study of the processes and concepts behind the forging of a cold iron weapon. when he had finally memorize the process beyond any possibility of forgetfulness he then burnt that paper too. The chest he buried in the woods adjacent to his property under a full moon and he kept only the mirror and the map.
    The years have been kind to Lewis as he turns 30 and now makes a name for himself as a professional treasure hunter. He has also begun the apprentice training of Glamour magic as befits a noble of his rank. He is always on his guard against attack, though he knows not why he still lies. Perhaps the Sidhe do not know of his existence or perhaps they feel the need to tolerate him for now. Only time can tell...