"Du Haast Meich Ja, Gut now get back to work or you can kiss my Dracheneisen Panzerhand"
User: Harve
Race: Eisen
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Pistoleer
Standing 6 foot tall and weighing in at roughly 200 pounds out of armor Ulthane is a prime spiecmen of the Eisen race. His shaved head gives him a unique look.
As A boy Ulthane was approached by a mysterious man, who gave him a broach, and told him that one day he would be coming back for it. As a matter of pride and honor he has held onto this broach his entire life

Ulthane and his family were once proud followers of the Vatacine Church, yet when the inquisitors came knocking upon his door his entire life changed, his parents were executed for aiding the objectionists, his brother and sister as well as himself were tortured for days as the inquisitors did their best to break them, his brother caved quickly, his sister a day after. Ulthane refused to cave, never changing his story, and the more they tortured him the further his mind sunk into the growing hatred that was born with the actions of the inquisitors. Realizing the only way out of the situation was for him to play dead he did so, almost too well. As they left they set fire to his family estate, the only things he was able to save were his breast plate and his panzerhand, the rest of his inheirted armor was left behind. Staggering through the country side he was found and rescued and nursed back to health by an elderly woman, his upper body now bears large terrible scars, as does his face and head, sporting a now shaved head to show the true face of the inquisitors handywork to the world he moves to the port town his past as a soldier and a sailor landing him a place in the crew of the Griffon
Ulthane prefers to use his skill with his pistols to his advantage, being a decent shot on the rolling deck of a ship he has had little trouble finding his place as a Bosun