Dagmar Shingles

"The song is in the singer and the singer is in the song."
User: Andy
Campaign: Fallen Lands
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Bard/6th
At 20, Dagmar stands 5'10'' tall with shoulder-length silvery blond hair that he keeps well coiffed. He has a long goatee which he shapes, stiffens, and curls up slightly with a mixture of bees wax, rosewater and lavender.

He wears black leather armor with silver appointments beneath a long gray woolen cloak trimmed in silver fox with a gray ermine collar. On his head is a renaissance style muffin hat with ermine fur trim. Stuck into the strip of braided silver serving as a headband is his long clay pipe, worn like a feather might be.

He carries a spear, a war hammer, daggers, and a bow of silver ash, the weapon he's the most comfortable with.

Always with him is a beautiful black mandolin with silver accents with "The Silver Singer" painted on its face. He also always carries a small leather journal in which he writes down any lore he can absorb that might inspire a beautiful lay.

After an encounter with a strange spellstone deep within the lair of the troglodytes, he was ensorcelled, leaving him with a sixth finger on each hand. He has found, however, that it actually helps him play with even greater dexterity, so he has never attempted to have them removed.

10% xp bonus
Dagmar grew up in Fellstonia, the Gateway to the North in The League of Ardun. His father was the blacksmith at Kessel's Mounts. He learned his use of the hammer and tongs with his father, but his true love was hanging around The Empty Map, the inn his mother cleaned and cooked at.

It was there he learned his love for music and saw the sway those glib of tongue and good with an instrument had. Dagmar realized he could make coin much more easily than sweating in front of a fire wearing a leather apron.

He begged any wandering singers to teach him any songs they could. He finally realized that he would need to grow his songbook and the best way to learn heroic songs was to go out and experience the adventures first hand.

He decided to take up the war hammer as a melee weapon of choice as the closest thing to the blacksmith's hammer he'd grown up using and crafted a bow so he'd have to use that hammer as seldom as possible. Feeling confident in his skills, he dubbed himself The Silver Singer" and headed out for the broader streets and fuller purses of Koros to seek his fortune and adventure one song at a time.
He keeps trying to take up smoking a long-stemmed pipe that was his grandfather's because he thinks it will help him seem older, but he still finds smoking tobacco too harsh and worries how it will affect his voice.

His leather notebook is full of half finished songs and various legends and folklore he picks up along his travels. It also, however, sports several sketches of sights he's seen as he has developed a good draftsman's hand. He's embarrassed by this, but will secretly try to draw portraits of his fellow party members while they aren't likely to notice.

He has discovered an arcane songbook that enables him to memorize verses of power. If he studies in the morning, he can empower himself to cast the following songspells:

charm person
hold portal
magic missile
cheat (reroll dice on any game of chance)