Helge Egorsson

User: Chris
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Ranger/Deuce
Young, 17 years at most.
Red hair, unshaven, looks like a boy trying to grow a beard.

Young enough to still be naive but believes he knows everything.

Dark green cloak, with autumn gold trim.
Brown boots which come up past the knee.
Golden pants.
Tunic, looks as if it may have been white at some time, but now its stained a dirty brown color. On the upper sleeves are embroidery, dragons, which are frayed and looking shabby. But was once a very beautiful tunic. Now is filled with holes and tears from being in the wilderness for too long.
Simple leather armor. A little big, probably given to him by someone else. A hand-me-down from a family member no doubt.
The only item he carries that looks remotely new is the archery arm guard he wears on his right arm. Its black and very clean. Not yet broken in.

Longbow. Old, beaten up, splintered in a few places.
Dagger. Rusty, the blade is chipped. The handle is an antler from a deer, its cracked, tied together with twine to keep it from falling off.
Helge was born in Rivertown, but spend most of his time there with his grandfather. His grandfather, Grendel, had dreams of having his son, Egor joining the Eastwatch Rangers. But Egor was born lame, but had the desire. So his time was spent becoming a Master Fletcher of the city and surrounding area. Once Helge was old enough to string his own bow, his time was spent in the woods, training to become a member of the Rangers.

After Grendel pasted through the Halls of Val Halla, Helge and his father left Riverton. They traveled across the continent, towards the Eastwatch Rangers. Remembering his teachings, young Helge helped feed his father and keep his eyes out for bandits. A couple years into the journey, his father too left him to join Grendel leaving Helge alone in the world. Finding his way to Tir Amarion he told Lord Whed his tale and how he came to his manor, Whed felt sorry and put him to work. Assisting the Lords personal hunter, Helge learned more about the forest.

And it didnt take him long to meet the Lords beautiful daughter, Aislynn. After staying for over a year the two fell in love. And with that, their love was proven. She became pregnant. Knowing that Aislynn's father would be more than pissed that his grandchild would be the bastard child of a peasant hunter, Helge left. Not running away from this honor of fatherdom, instead he decided to continue with his birthright. He traveled to Sanctuary. To join the Eastwatch Rangers, to build such a name that he could return and ask for her hand as a hero. But Lord Whed did not see it quite as young Helge. So now he is being chased by the Lord's son, Connor, and other men. To bring him back, for execution. If Connor doesn’t kill him first...

Traveling off the roads, and as quickly and quielty as he could, he found the Rangers. Telling them of his past, his lineage and his desire to serve, they allowed him to test. He stood alone at the end of the trials. Impressed by his ability they knew he spoke the truth and earned his tattoo. Being a young and proud kid, he had his tattoo put across his face.

His first assignment was to accompany Cymril to assist the Sons of Tempus...