Althaea Whisperwind

"If Eilidh has granted me freedom, well, it's only fair to return the favor."
User: Andrew
Campaign: Carrion Crown
Race: Sun Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Hexblade/9
5'6, 82 years old, long blond hair.

Now bears a brand of Kellid design resembling a pair of vines twined around each other that circle her throat, save for where they form a convoluted clasp at the base of her throat.
An Eldritch horror kidnaps her while young intending to train her up as a slave/Renfield, and she inadvertently finds a way to contact the Lady of the White Well and thus form a pact and then breaks out from her prison in the Dreamlands.
Currently traveling in the Ustalav area and posing as a traveling scholar in order to research methods to free the Lady from her prison.

Former traveling companion of Kristof's.