User: Gabriel
Race: Beysibian
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Asssasin (Executioner)/1
A young man, whose olive toned skin and shaved head mark him as a Beysibian. By his scowling face, sinuous movements, and openly carried weapons, many would suspect him to be dangerous. The few who know the meaning of the tattoos on his head and the large serpent's fang he wears on a chain around his neck know it for a fact.
Outsiders call his people "diamonbacks," but they call themselves the Family. He was still a child when the Forsaken came and promised an end to the Family's aimless wanderings. They could be restored to the greatness of the days of legend, when Zehir and his Yuan-ti ruled the world. All the Family needed to do was pledge their allegiance.

The Family had kept alive the ancient art of poison; to this the Forsaken added their intimate knowledge of stealth and shadow. Pelias and the other children of the Family began training in these dual arts from a very young age. As they matured the Forsaken saw in them the perfect weapons to unleash against their enemies.

Pelias was an exemplary assassin, slaying as he was directed. But then one day he felt compelled to do the one thing he knew he must not: ask questions. What had his targets done to deserve death? What were all of the killings accomplishing? If the alliance was one of equals, why did the Forsaken give the orders while the members of the Family had to obey?

His questions were rebuffed, as he expected they would be. He thought that was the end of the matter, but before long he received an anonymous note written in the secret code of the Family. "They are coming to kill you tonight. Flee."

He narrowly escaped, pursued by both Forsaken and members of the Family he had once known as friends and relatives. He eventually came to Sanctuary, seeking a way to free his people from the grip of the Forasken. He knows it is too large a task for him to accomplish alone.