Jason Lee

User: Mark
Campaign: No place like Home
Gender: Male
Half-American, half-Chinese, 27 years old, international martial arts film star. His father was in the marines. While stationed over seas, he met Jason's mother while visiting Hong Kong. Growing up, Jason had access to various martial art masters in Okinawa and China. Attended college in the US but dropped out after three years to pursue an acting career. Moved back to Hong Kong to make action films.
Ok, he's more of a supporting actor, usually a henchman who dies early in the film but he should have the leading role. His agent is trying to promote him as the next big international action file star but while he is recognized in pop culture his popularity in the US is minimal at best. Although a talented martial artist, he just doesn't quite have the acting talent.

Not currently dating, he is often seen in a local night club with one of the female leads from whatever film he is currently working on.