Kyobei no Onibocho

"I will live to see her again."
User: Onihanta
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker

Jag var på berget bakom byn uppträder de grödor. Jag kunde se den lilla byn i söder. Marknaden var full av folk. Utanför byn kunde jag se tornet som just hade byggts i klostret. Det här tornet hade byggts eftersom vi hade hört om banditer. De hade anfallit och förstört en by och klostret i norr. I detta torn vi kan lagra våra värdesaker och man kunde shelter.

Det fanns en stark vind blåser från nord och jag tittade på kurvor dash mot klipporna. Långt ut till havs kunde jag se ett litet objekt. Först trodde jag att det var en av våra fiskebåtar tillbaka men eftersom det kom närmare kunde jag se en färgglada segel. Det var en bandit skepp!

Det fanns ingen tid att förlora. JAG måste lämna grödor och varna byborna att banditer kommer. Till alla jordbrukare jag träffade jag jublade, "bandits kommer! ". De tog med mig till byn. I byn började man panik. Mamma sprang till insamlar spädbarn och små barn.

Mödrar och hustrur omgivet älskade och lovade att bedja för dem. Barn och gamla skulle gråta. Min mor berättade för mig att vara modig och gav mig hennes halsband för lycka. Sedan alla mödrar och barn och äldre förhastade.
Fäder och söner plockade upp vapen. Vi hade gjort trä spjut, knivar och svärd. Jag hade en kniv trä. Våra ledare jublade något högt och vi satte av till stranden och kampen med banditer. Den Bandit fartyget närmade sig stranden nu. Vi kunde höra sin blodisande skrik och skriker. Kusten är stenig och havet grovt med vinden blåser. Kanske vädret var på vår sida.

De bandits var swimmingpool till kusten för att börja slåss med oss. Jag kämpade med en Bandit. Han var mycket stark och hård. När Bandit runt eftersom någon kallade honom JAG honom ett hugg i hjärtat med min kniv.

Vår byn stred tappert och lång, många dog, men flera av våra män väntade på stranden vid några banditer kom ut i havet. Banditsna kläder var tungt på grund av havsvatten och vi kunde lyfta svärd högre och snabbare än bandits. Havet var röd med spillt blod. Ljudet av svärd skrammel och gråter av smärta hade stannat. De banditer som inte avlivats hade simmat tillbaka till sina skepp. Vi hade vunnit, men vad som skulle hända nästa gång?

It is not often that one is born in the way that this boy was, so different and strange to the lands of his birth. His lands are the Emerald Empire to the Far East, known as Rokugan to those that live there and filled with warriors who bear symbols of animals upon their clothes to represent them. His lands are a land of honor, word and sword above all else. These may be his lands but in his blood and in his soul he knew he was not made for these lands. In order to tell the tale of his birth, first the story of his mother and father must be told.

His Mother was a strange woman, strong and strange among her own people – she was of a destroyed family once called the Hitomi – or Moon people and they wore the dragon upon their clothes. The dragon consumed the moon people save for her and a select few who escaped the dragon’s wrath. Her family would not before those of their people who wished them to sever their connection to the moon, thus they fled the lands of their home and lived on the shores in hiding.

His Father was no east man, a raider and warrior from the lands of the Aesir. In his blood was the strength of giants, tall and proud and strong beyond measure. The journey of his life brought him to the shore of the emerald empire, barely alive after having survived the depths of the treacherous sea.

His mother found the man who would be her lover upon the shores, half dead and clinging to a shattered piece of wood in the shape of a dragon’s head. She took this as a sign from the kami to help this man and did so, bringing him to her small home nestled in the Oni Mura. She spent four seasons nursing this man back to full strength, learning the man’s language so as to get to know him and before long they developed a relationship. A full year later Kyobei was born, given a rokugani name so as to appease his mother’s ancestors but raised learning the ways of both.

At the age of six, disaster came to the life of Kyobei and his parents when traveling swordsman came to their abode in search of the gaijin they heard was residing there. They battled relentlessly with Kyobei’s parents until they had slain them, only one of the swordsmen surviving. Kyobei did what no child should have to do: bury his parents and say goodbye to them forever.

Collecting what belongings he had, young Kyobei journeyed away from his home in search of the means to avenge the death of his parents and in search of his true destiny.

His travels brought him to Ookami Toshi, the city of the wolf and to the first master who was willing to train him – the sensei of the Disciples of Sun Tao. He trained for many years, showing a natural talent that amazed his teacher and the students he trained with.

After mastering the first technique of the school, his master took him aside and told him the story of Sun Tao – of a man who refused to learn or walk one path. This inspired Kyobei, who then said his goodbyes to the Disciples of Sun Tao before journeying to his next destination – Kyuden Kakita.

It was there that Kyobei learned from a master swordsman of a great clan, the sensei of the Kakita Bushi School. It was there that he met Kakita Meiyo, a fellow student with a style greatly shunned by the rest of the school.

Zen Stories
Two monks were returning to the monastery in the evening. It had rained and there were puddles of water on the road sides. At one place a beautiful young woman was standing unable to walk accross because of a puddle of water. The elder of the two monks went up to a her lifted her in his alms and left her on the other side of the road, and continued his way to the monastery.

In the evening the younger monk came to the elder monk and said, "Sir, as monks, we cannot touch a woman?" The elder monk answered "yes, brother". Then the younger monk asks again, "but then Sir, how is that you lifted that woman on the roadside?" The elder monk smiled at him and told him "I left her on the other side of the road, but you are still carrying her."

OOC History

The character Kyobei was heavily inspired by a handful of different anime's that I had been watching at the time: Inu-Yasha (For the character Hakudoshi), Yu-Yu-Hakusho (For the character Rando), Rurouni Kenshin (multiple characters)and later Kurozuka. These concepts blended together into one idea: A very young boy who was a prodigy with a sword. This concept expanded into what I called the "Student of Many Masters" concept, which had Kyobei travelling from place to place and learning different sword forms from different masters.

Feudal Darkness
The first iteration of the character was in a game called "Feudal Darkness", which was a game based on a mix of Legend of the Five Rings and the World of Darkness Storyteller system. This game featured Kyobei as the student of Shizuka Shinkai: A Ronin master who was granted his own "family" through brute force and fear. This family was made up of only children between the ages of 7 and 11 years old, which at age 12 were expelled from the school in order to move onto other masters. Kyobei had been a student for 3 years, being 10 years old at the start of the game and earning his first accolades as a character after accidentally killing the Emperor's personal Shinobi with a bamboo sword.

Shizuka Shinkai showed himself to be a degenerate, as he was found to have been molesting the female students of his family for years until they were released. One specific one, Shizuka Okyo, killed Shinkai after one such encounter and went on a killing spree within the Imperial City. This was a complicated situation for Kyobei, who had developed feelings for Okyo but felt betrayed by the death of his master and being unaware of the actions of his dubious master. His family was now in danger of being dissolved, which Kyobei would not allow and he set upon the task of redeeming the stain of his family from Shinkai and Okyo's actions.

Receiving terms for the redemption of his family from the Emperor himself, Kyobei was tasked with bringing Okyo to justice and reforming the family anew. The remaining children would be adopted into the Dragon Clan, to be cleansed of the sins of their past and prepared for service to the Kami. Kyobei set upon his task and then the game ended.

Feudal Darkness v1.5 (One-Shot)
Kyobei was redone for this one time only Feudal Darkness "rework", which featured Kyobei as a young ronin with a severe obsessive compulsive need to be clean at all times. He was eventually branded as an "Oni Child" because of his hair color and complexion, then hunted by the forces of the Emperor to be exterminated. The game ended with Kyobei laying in a pool of his own blood, dying from an arrow wound in the middle of a rainy forest.

Feudal Darkness (v2.0)
This game features Kyobei in his modern form: A boy from an island village in the chain of islands just outside of Mainland Japan during the Karakura Era. Born to a family of rice farmers, his parents perished in a fire years before the start of the game and has left him to fend for himself. He meets a traveler who sets up on the island: Kamori Shinkai, the apparent last member of a family hunted by the Emperor. Shinkai crafts a sword for Kyobei and begins to instruct him in the ways of the sword, before the forces of the Emperor track him down. Before going to meet his fate, Shinkai requests that Kyobei carry his family's name and find his own destiny.

Kyobei leaves the island on a course for Mainland Japan, accompanied by several other villagers: Ryuuzaki, his brother Yaki and a monk named Yukai. This journey leads him into an altercation with pirates, being trapped on the Island of Tengu and his eventual meeting with Okyo. He fells a dread ronin, who remained unknown and with him passed a weapon to Kyobei that would end up defining him: An Igachi called Onibocho.

In his travels, Kyobei was faced with a choice that would change his life forever and presented to him by Wei Han Woe, a spirit left over from the Kamori Shrine. The choice was to either side with the Emperor and forsake the Kamori name, embrace the Kamori way and face the emperor or to take the unknown road represented by the myserious Arishima Nazo. In this end, his choice was with Nazo and began with the death of his best friend, Ryuuzaki, at the hands of Nazo's forces. He was taken away then, to learn the ways of the shadows.

Years later, Kyobei resurfaced in the empire with a bundle in his arms and a mission. He would find Ryuuzaki, who was resurrected by the Tengu and forced to serve them. His motives for this remain unknown.

Feudal Darkness (v2.5?)
This game picked up where v2.0 left off, but with a twist. Kyobei was now a dream child, the events of his life an imagined set of memories to form this dream creature into a weapon against the Emperor. Much of the story was vague, making much of the former story become very convoluted.

Feudal Darkness (v3.0)
Physical Flaw: Short

a) Aomori Kiyomi's love.
b) To best his bully Aomori Kazuki
c) To become a bushi

a) To stop being picked on for his size.
b) Earn Aomori Kiyomi's admiration and hand in marriage.
c) Travel all of Japan.

Rice farmer's son

Kyoko believes Kiyomi to be a sweet girl and thus, she'd make a good wife. It doesn't hurt that she is easily the most attractive young woman that anyone in the village has ever seen, or that she seems to like Kyoko's company. There is just one problem, her younger brother Kazuki doesn't like the way Kyoko looks at his sister... or at all for that matter. Believing Kyoko too little and weak to be a good match for his sister, he sometimes goes out of his way to let Kyoko know. If Kyoko could show Kazuki up, maybe it would impress Kiyomi since she is the one that normally comes to Kyoko's aid.

Kyoko would also like to change his name since it is one of the causes of his strife. So becoming a bushi seems ideal in that not only could he change is name to Kyobei, but he could travel and do battle like his make-believe-self as well. It's currently more of a romantic idea than trying to impress Kiyomi as a rice farmer.

Although some might argue at first glace and second guess after hearing his name... Kyoko is male.

Kyoko at the start of this story is 12 years old.

a) Kendo
b) Sex
c) Playing with his friends

a)Ohayashi Ryuunosuke - Age 14 - Best friend - Friends - Jealousy
b)Souryo Yukai - Age 42 - Spiritualist - Professional - Dissimilarity
c)Hinata Isamu - Age 35 - Father - Parent - Control
d)Hinata Chiharu - Age 33 - Mother - Parent - Control
e)Hinata Shinji - Age 10 - little brother - Sibling - Hypersensitivity
f)Aomori Kiyomi - Age 16 - love interest - Friends - Obsession
g)Aomori Kazuki - Age 14 - asshole bully - Rival - Abuse

Kyoko currently lives in a small straw structure with two mud wall. His brother and parents live with him up wind from their rice fields.

Kyoko always has at least one rice ball on him. He's trying to get bigger after all.

Kyoko likes having long hair and stays very clean despite the environment. Although he's not afraid of getting dirty, he's not about to engage in a mud fight either.

Kyoko dies of old age.

The story of Onibocho Kyobei is a long and often times miss-told one. It is the story of a boy with bright dreams reflecting in his emerald green eyes, the boy who became a great man in love and a man who, in sadness, became a demon in the hopes of seeing his love again.

Okyo. All for Okyo.