"Never look a gift squid in the beak."
User: Clangador
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Fighter/1

Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Level: 1
Exp: 450 (+10% exp.)
Alignment: Neutral (Good)

AC: 3 (4 shield less)
HP: 11
THACO: 20 (19 w/ Str. bonus)

Movement: 90'

Str: 18/39%
Int: 14
Wis: 10
Dex: 13
Con: 17
Cha: 12 (13 to dwarves)

Ability Bonuses:
+1 hit/+3 damage, +1,000 weight allowance, 1-3 open doors, 20% bend bars/lift gates. +2 additional languages. +3 hit points, system shock survival 97%, resurrection survival 98%. +5 henchmen (+5% reaction adjustment if dwarven).

Racial Bonuses:
+1 Con, -1 Cha.
+4 to saving throws vs. magic wands, staffs and spells.
Infravision 60'.
+1 to hit goblins, hobgoblins, half-orcs and orcs.
-4 to be hit by ogres, ogre magi, trolls, giants & titans.
Detect grade or slope in passage 75% (d4, 1-3).
Detect new construction 75%.
Detect traps involving pits, falling blocks and other stonework 75%.
Determine approximate depth underground 50%.

Languages: common, dwarven, gnome, goblin, kobold, orcish.

Secondary skill: dwarves are miners of great skill.

Weapons of Proficiency: Battle Axe, Morning Star, Cutlass, Short Bow.

Saving Throws:
Paralyze, poison or death magic: 14
Petrify or polymorph: 15
Rod, staff or wand: 12
Breath weapon: 17
Spell: 13

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 150lbs
Age: 59
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red/brown
Deity: Moradin


Dwarves of the Thunderhammer family are known for their extraordinary height and strength. Valkaar Thunderhammer the 39th is no exception to this.

He comes from a long line of dwarven warriors streaching back to the now (almost mythical) first Valkar Thunderhammer who was said to have given up his life to save an elvish comrade. Valkar Thunderhammer the 2nd was killed and reincarnated as a centaur. This disturbed him so much, he was re-killed in a suicidal charge against a entire band of orcs. Valkkar Thunderhammer the 3rd disappeared while adventuring. His fate remain unknown to this day.

Other exceptional Thunderhammers were Valkarr Thunderhammer the 23rd, who is said to have adventured with an ogre! (For more information on the history of the Thunderhammer Clan see The Rise and Fate of the Thunderhammer Clan by Valkarr Thunderhammer the 38th.) Valkaar Thunderhammer is the son of Valkarr the 38th.

He is determined to bring further glory to the Thunderhammer Clan.

Oh, and the Thunderhammer clan is known for a slight tains of insanity.

Spint Mail
Large Shield

Morning Star (2-8/2-7)+3
Short Bow (1-6/1-6) (Rof 2) Range:5/10/15
Cutlass (1-8/1-8)+3

Leather gloves
Girdle, broad
Boots, low hard
Backpack, leather
Arrows (24)
Tinder box
10 torches
Oil Flask (x3)
Wine skin
Iron rations (1 week)
Belt pouch
Large Sack

9 GP