"Let's move!"
User: Pat
Race: Rynn
Gender: Other
Role: Other
Class/Level: Pilot/Seasoned
The Rynn are a nomadic green-skinned amphibious species with a symbiotic chlorophyll producing organism that lives in their skin. Rynn are parthenogenic and do not normally have male or female sexes. However, a "male-form" Rynn can be produced as an offspring if desired by the parent. At a genetic level, this is done by suppressing the expression of certain genes that inhibit hormone production that leads to a male-form offspring. Male-form Rynn (or Malrynn) are rare. This is seen as a fortunate thing by most other races as
Malrynn are large, fast, strong, and often agressive.

The extreme agility noted in the race is derived from three primary factors. The basic humanoid shape often causes observers to overlook the extra joint in each limb and doubling of vertebrae compared to what might be expected for their body size. Additionally, a higher than average proportion of the internal skeleton is comprised of cartilige rather than bone. These first two factors make rynn extremely flexible.
They also tend to be extremely fast, with a higher than average proportion of fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Naya Phet spent her early years in the hydroponics tanks of intersystem, luxury passenger liners operated by the Crystal Line or CL. Her Mother-Sister was a hydroponics specialist on the NeoRio – Respite –Paradiso run. As she was able to spend more time out of the tanks, she earned credits helping on passenger excursions, learning piloting, driving and boating from other CL staffers. She got formal flight training at the Flight Academy on Falton III thanks to a CL company scholarship and came back to work for The Line as a baggage and passenger shuttle pilot. Tiring of the repetition, she went into freelance work and took a contract with the Shandama Brotherhood. During a delivery in the Maltoulian System, Her ship was badly damaged and abandoned by the mission leader. Naya and the ship’s engineer stayed with the ship and eventually repaired her. Naya earned the undying enmity of the mission leader, Commander Seelius Tormkul. Since that ill-fated mission the Blazing Star mostly has been avoiding contact with the Brotherhood.