"Compassion, Strength and Honor"
User: Spencer
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Sorceress/9
Like most people who are resurrected, Leah didn't remember the afterlife. One minute she was in pain from the assassin's poison, inside the court house of Fort Ashbridge, and the next minute she awoke in a castle apothecary. She had no idea how she got there.

Later she was told that the assassin was hired from Daggermark by agents from Natala Surtova. The Surtovas believed that she was the bastard daughter of a Rogarvian, and thus had the best claim to the throne of Brevoy (and thus threatened their own regency). When the assassin was killed, the Surtovas hired another thief to retrieve Leah's ashes and prevent her resurrection. However, a Garess spymaster figured out what was going on and ambushed the Surtova thief, winning Leah's ashes. (But Leah always had doubts about this story... she believed it was possible the Garess family stole her ashes outright).

In any event, soon after her resurrection, she was made a nominal figurehead for the faction that wanted to oust the Surtovas, led by the Garess family, but also including the Orlovskis and the Medyveds.

At first, Leah was powerless, a mere pawn of Lord Howlan Garess. However, during the first pitched battle against the Sutovas, Leah turned out to be a surprisingly capable war leader, displaying great personal bravery and a touch for inspiring the common soldier. By their third battle, Leah had won the personal loyalty of the army and where she was previously a figurehead, she was now a beloved leader in her right. She even had an entourage of trusted advisers that were independent of the Garess family, including Mitra, a very astute pirest of Gorum.

The soldiers affectionately nicknamed her Akita (a diminuitive form of "Akiton," the red plant in the Golarion solar system associated with war), and Leah took the red planet embossed on a black tower (representing her tower in Fort Ashbridge) as her personal emblem.
Leah was not sure if she wanted to be queen of Brevoy, but the sweep of events took her to siege New Stetven. By this time, the outcome of the war was a foregone conclusion: prior successes brought additional allies and within a month New Stetven fell to the combined Garess, Orlovski and Medyved armies. Leah was relatively merciful, merely exiling the Surtova families.

Almost immediately after the fall of New Stetven, the victors started intriguing for status and position in the post-Surtova political order. Here Leah proved less capable, and her desires were undermined, while she was demoralized by the petty bickering and short-sightedness of the other noble families.

In any event, Leah did not have to endure long. She was never even crowned queen. Two months after New Stetven fell to Leah's army, the city was attacked by an ancient and powerful red dragon. The dragon burned the (mostly wooden) city to the ground, wiped out the Garess army, and killed every one of Leah's entourage (as well as many other leaders). Leah would surely have died in the conflagration which burned the city except for her own personal resistance against fire.
After the fire had mostly burned out, the dragon cornered her, but let her go.

The dragon claimed to be Choral the Conqueror (i.e. the man who conquered Issaria and Rostland, and fused them together as Brevoy). Choral was known for riding an ancient red dragon (which still appears on the Brevoy coat of arms), but the dragon gave no explanation for why he did not match the historical description of Choral.

During their short conversation, the dragon addressed Leah as "grand-daughter" (which, even if Leah is descended from Choral, would not make sense because she would have to be at least a great-great grand-daughter). The dragon thanked Leah for "keeping my kingdom warm for me" (laughing evilly of course). He then told Leah he would spare her life since she was his grand-daughter, but that he would kill her if she ever set foot in his kingdom again. Leah didn't stop to ask what kingdom he considered his; she took the few personal belongings she had with her and got out as fast as she could.

Everyone believed that Leah perished with all the others in New Stetven, and it seemed safer to the people believe that. In the power vacuum left by the disintegration for Leah's short-lived rulership, all semblance of political order fell apart. In any case, she was sure she could not fight Choral, and she wasn't so sure she wanted to be king anyways. Leah figured about the safest place she could be was with her old gang in Briarbridge, and besides she felt guilty for missing Avatarax's memorial service. So, she hiked it on down to Briarbridge, fully confident that she could defend herself from any threats...