Brandon McAlister

User: Marion
Campaign: No place like Home
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Brand is 6'2" tall and 205 lbs. He has a somewhat gruff but commanding presence, but lives by the talk softly and carry a big stick philosophy. His short cropped brown hair and gotie complete the picture.
Brandon is an airplane mechanic working mostly freelance associated with the corporate jet terminal at Dulles airport in Washington, DC. He has a BS in mechanical engineering, but finds that he enjoys working on planes more than he would any desk job.

After high school, Brandon enlisted in the Air Force and did two tours of duty -- mostly working as a mechanic on A10 aircraft as part of the 53d Wing out of Eglin Air Force base in Florida. He got his flying license while stationed there, but only flies occasionally as a hobby. He also restored and maintains a 1965 BMW motorcycle that he rides when weather permits. After the Air Force brandon completed his mechanical engineering degree at the Georgia institute of technology, but decided to return to Florida and start his own airplane maintenance business at the private airfield where he got his license. After a while he joined a firm specializing in maintaining corporate aircraft as a consultant and moved to Maryland so he could work out of Dulles where more corporate planes are kept.