Amroth Maltion Norodiir

"Kill 'em all,and let the Gods Sort 'em out!"
User: Satai
Campaign: Gods War
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Warmage/8
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Demeanor: Defender
Nature: Idealist
Age: 107
Weight:115 lb
Skin color: Pale White
Eye color: Deep Green
Hair Color: Black
Ears: Pointy :)
In the movie played by: Christopher Eccleston (9th Doctor/ Raymond Calitri, Gone In 60 Seconds)
Clothing: Standard travelers look, nothing really fancy
Scars: 1) Across chest, four parallel lines clawed in
2) Across back, a short neat slash from an orc blade
Notice! Story Nearing Completion
Will be finished as time, family, and the gods allow

I was born to an average family just outside Darda Elerylin. Growing up I longed to be anywhere else. A part of my Elven education included stories of the world. I knew of adventures ,yet never saw one. My parents made sure of that. One day,I left home. I needed to get out. I wanted to see the world! Maybe along the way have some adventures, maybe even find me a little fortune and glory. Looking back I was still young and dumb. Mind you, I'm not a lot older. It's just, I should have known better. I should have realized what I would find. I knew the stories; I had heard tales. I came to find out Galandor was a tougher place then I expected.

I traveled, fought, and lived in the world at large. As time passed my talents emerged and grew. I could do things I only heard of, Magic . Even with the new talents. The world still left its mark(s) on me. Through my travels I have "aquired" two scars. One large one across my chest and one across my back. My chest has a set of 4 long claw marks from a bear attack. My back has a shorter slash from an orc's sword. Neither of these stopped my travels; they just slowed me down. It was all grand fun, until I started to realize that all was not right with the world. Monsters roamed the land. Armies Fought. Darkness crept about. The whole of Galandor seemed to be ... off.

First it was rumors of an evil wizard. One that was greedy, power hungry, and even mad. Then rumors of his army, his Dark army spread. I should have known better, but I thought that the armies were no where near me, if at all as bad as I heard they were. I was wrong. I was lucky. I had just left a small town before the army swept through and raised it. Then I knew he was the one who was turning the world on its head. Evil had spread across the land. Any fun and games ended when I heard that all had better get their butts in the nearest town or else.

"WELCOME TO IRONGATE!" They told me. Sorry, you're now going to be stuck in here for ... oh 10 years. Enjoy you stay!

Time passed... Slowly at first. Then word came through town that the elders where looking for adventures and volunteers to form groups and scout the area to see what had happend to the worl outside. An opportunity to leave, yes please. I joined only thinking of leaving the sufocatingly confined spaces and the rude looks of the Dwarfs. I needed out.

The offer got better, training was included. Always a plus. I was selected to be a warmage, a balance between arcane might and physical combat skills. It was tough. I wasn't the best, but I had the determination to complete my training. I didn't realize it right then. Oh no. It came to me gradually. It snuck it's way into my thoughts. As I trained, I refused to give up. I was going to get better. I had to get better. The world need me to be better. Galandor was sick. Shortly before placement it dawned on em that I wanted to fix the world. Galandor needs a doctor. I was then placed with a group that would be my team for the foreseeable future.

That was 5 years ago... Now they're going to drop the barrier and fling open the gates... Now the true adventure begins.
Temporary Taint: 7
Permanent Taint: 3
Taint Threshold: 2
Current Fate Points: 46
Current Onyx Fate points: 2
Total Fate Points: 66
Used Onyx Fate: 2
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