Ash Swiftblade

User: Dan X
Race: Wood elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Ranger/1
Ash Swiftblade is very tall for a wood elf standing at 5'10". He has tan skin with tawny, unkempt hair that falls below his shoulders. Ash wears a portion of his hair in a warrior's top-knot in the tradition of his tribe. His face, back, and chest are covered in tribal tattoos that he has earned over the course of his life and are a great source of pride for him. With much of his time spent alone in the wilds, Ash lacks basic social graces. He's considered gruff even among his own people. He's slow to trust and even slower to accept friends. Ash's time as a slave has made him brawnier than the average wood elf as well.
Ash Swiftblade is a wood elf from the Elsenwood of Viridistan. He is a hunter and tracker for his tribe and as such has spent many years roaming the forest of his home.

While many of his brethren are bow hunters, Ash has always showed a natural affinity for the blade. When he was a young hunter, Ash once stalked a bear for days. He dropped from a tree and felled the creature with one quick slice from his blade. For this feat, he earned the name Swiftblade from his tribe.

In an effort to establish trade with the metropolis of Viridistan, Ash was chosen by his tribe to learn the art of driving horses to cart furs and meat to the city for trade. His first trip to the city met with disaster. An unscrupulous merchant hired mercenaries to ambush Ash's cart. His partner was killed and Ash was sold into slavery.

Because of his physical attributes, Ash has been sold several times in the course of the last three years. He has traveled further than most of his kin merely by being sold from one person to another. He's currently owned by a group of Goblins who are heading south.

Captivity chafes at Ash and his constant escape attempts, even after several years, have earned him brutal beatings. His tattooed back is crisscrossed with scars from repeated lashings.
Str:19 +3 Prime
Dex:14 +1 Non-Prime
Con:14 +1 Non-Prime
Int:06 -1 Non-Prime
Wis:14 +1 Prime
Cha:10 +0 Non-Prime


Initiative: +0
HP: 11
AC: 15 (Flat-footed: 14 Touch: 11)
Base to Hit Bonus: +3
Attacks: 1

Advantages: Knack (agility)

Armor Worn: Chain Mail Birnie (+4 AC)

Weapon in Hand: Cutlass (1d6)

Elven Abilities
Enhanced Senses: Can see clearly up to two miles in daylight. +2 for all listen checks
Move Silently: +2 to check Up to one half speed on successful check. Wilderness areas only.
Spell Resistance: +10 vs. charm or sleep
Spot Hidden Doors (Wis): Gets automatic check when passing hidden door. +2 when actively searching.
Weapons Training: +1 to hit with longsword

Ranger Abilities
Combat Marauder: Adds level to damage against humanoids and giants
Delay/Neutralize Poison (Wis): +2 prime. Successful check delays poison beating target by 6 or more neutralizes poison. Natural poisons only.
Move Silently (Dex): +4 non-prime. Up to one half speed on successful check. Wilderness areas only.
Conceal (Dex): +2 non-prime. Only in wilderness areas
Scale (Dex): +3 non-prime. No attribute check needed to scale natural surfaces.
Traps (Wis): +4 prime. Able to detect and build simple traps in a wilderness environment.
Survival (Wis): +2 prime. In natural area, can find food, shelter, and water. Can start a fire and determine direction.
Track (Wis): +2 prime. Can track any creature in a wilderness area that leaves a trace.

Secondary Skill: Teamster

Cutlass (1d6), Short Sword (1d6), Goblin Dagger (1d4+1), Elven Dagger (1d4), Sling (1d4), Chain Mail Birnie (+4 AC), Clothing, Boots, Belt Pouch