"Freedom isn't free at all, that it comes with the highest of costs. The cost of blood. "
User: Onihanta
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Ventrue/Epic
Born: October 23rd, 1038

Homeland: Sparta

Embraced by: Mithras

Embraced: March 1st, 1058

Learned directly from sire, especially just following the Embrace.

800 B.C. - Mithras, Tinia, Vanant and Ten other of the Clan travelled to Italy with the Etruscans.

753 B.C - Stood with his sire at the founding of Rome.

539 B.C - Mithras and his Childer assist Cyrus II of Persia in conquering Babylon, it was a worthwhile investment at the time.

450 B.C - The Ventrue Council of Rome, Mithras and Vanant among them, weather an attack from the Order of Mercury.

337 B.C - Vanant returned to the lands of his birth, Sparta, to establish renewed trade routes between them and Rome.

336 B.C - Finishing business in Sparta, Vanant encounters Alexander the Great within Macedonia. Vanant sends word to his sire of the occasion.

331 B.C - Alexander the Great conquers Babylon, ending much of Mithras and Vanant's influence in that city.

200 B.C - Studies under Camilla for a time, learning what it is to control an area like Italy.

146 B.C - Vanant stood with his clan during the sacking of Carthage, noting it to be a shrewd action and a memory that will remain with him until he no longer walks the earth.

91 B.C - Cleverness and proper timing along Vanant to procure his highest distinction of Dignitas at the time: Putting down the social war instigated by Critias.

55 B.C - At the behest of his sire, Vanant makes preparations to travel with the Expedition of Julius Ceasar to the British Isles.

43 B.C - Vanant is once again called upon for travel to the British Isles, this time with Claudius as he conquers the area.

1 B.C - To his sires approval, Vanant had weathered the conquering with Claudius and now there were many small roman settlements established in the British Isles.

33 A.D - Vanant unfortunately missed the crucifixion, which his sire later apologized for. He was assigned to spend most of his time in the British Isles.

37 A.D - Vanant hears word that Augustus' grand-son, the one they called Little Boots, had now ascended as the Emperor of Rome. Will wonders never cease.

63 A.D - He had been allowed to begin putting others he thought worthy through the process of Agoge by his sire. He chose one quickly, the next in line of succession -- Nero.

66 A.D - Nero is taken by the Toreador, his clan responding in kind by taking him forcefully away from the Clan of Roses. The result of this act would find Nero insane by the end. Such a waste.

79 A.D - Vanant counted himself lucky, his sire had talked of potentially sending him to Pompeii within the year for investments. He was spared such, because Pompeii now lay under molten lava and pitch.

117 A.D - The height of Roman power is at it's fullest, his sire is looking for his next great city. Vanant is enjoying the revelry.

325 A.D - Vanant and his sire sat in on the Nicaean Council, forcefully called by Constantine at the behest of the Clan.

409 A.D - Mithras chose to go into Torpor, leaving multiple instructions for his childer to act upon.

410 A.D - Rome falls at the hands of a German, Alaric, who his sires brother Alexander takes a personal interest in. The Clan adjusted, regardless.

600 A.D - "Many of the Toreador Elders of Rome slip into Torpor, en mass. They apparently sleep until a time of debauchery such as Rome will follow."

771 A.D - "The Clan's next pet, Charlemagne, begins forming his empire with heavy funding from those of us in the know."

800 A.D - "The investment paid off, Charlemagne is crowned emperor of Europe by the Pope. Perhaps then I will have many new areas to spread into."

812 A.D - "The clan's control over this Christ religion reaches it's height with the empire of Charlemagne."

866 A.D - Vanant is called upon by his sire once again, this time to monitor the colonization of York at the hands of the Danes.

879 A.D - With a small push from his own coffers, Vanant convinces Alfred the Great of Wessex to scare the Danes a bit in York. This leads to the Danes agreeing to a frontier.

1000 A.D - "We have finally snared the dogs with the dogma of the Christ God, now their elders will have to lead them by the nose into every endeavor." - Vanant on the Gangrel neonates of this time.

1068 A.D - His sire rises from torpor, unknown to him. Mithras is forced to retreat from Britain by the forces of Roald Snakeeyes, Baron Geoffrey of Calais and Countess Liseult de Taine.

1153 A.D - "Roald learned the price of missplaced hubris, falling on the swords of his servants in the witching hour. I still keep one of his eyes as a momento."

1154 A.D - Mithras is recognized as Prince of London, all of the baronies of England swearing fealty to him.

1155 A.D - Vanant is named Seneschal of London, for all of his service to his sire.

1175 A.D - Vanant begins to gain a following in the British Isles, specifically as a figure of Pagan Worship. A cult of pagans is formed around the worship of him, called the Order of the Western Star.

1212 A.D - The fight between his sire and Horus the Undying devastates a large majority of London and ignites a great fire across the area.

1214 A.D - Mithras sends Vanant to Paris, to serve Alexander in the Court of Love.

1215 A.D - Being placed Keeper of Elysium by Alexander, Vanant begins plans to move his followers with him. The Magna Carta is signed.

1216 A.D - The bulk of his Order has been moved to France. His second meeting with Alaric occurs during this year.

1222 A.D - The order of the court is shaken up in this year, Alexander being deposed by his childer Geoggrey as the Prince of Paris. Vanant is kept on as Keeper.

1250 A.D - His influence within the Court reaches it's pinnacle, second only to Geoffrey within the Clan in the area.

1264 A.D - A string of children dissappear from Paris, they begin calling it an epidemic. The Order is not suspected.

1278 A.D - After many years in Paris, Geoffrey "politely" asks Vanant to vacate the position of Keeper to his childer. Taking it as offense, Vanant smiles warmly and begins his departure from Paris along with his Order.

1279 A.D - Mithras, learning of his departure from Paris, sends him word of brewing events in the Sea of Shadows. Pulling various ties, he learns what he can about the area and it's people before moving in.

1280 A.D - His departure to Madrid is set, his Order and assets in hand, the road having no problem.

Personal Heraldry, has become synonymous with those who share his blood, swear fealty to him, branded slaves or members of the Order of the Western Star.