Falkruun Anvilbeard

"You'll never know what true sacrifice is"
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Runepriest/Fighter/7
Falkruun Anvilbeard’s parents both died in the last war. His father was a soldier in the Brelish army and was slain during a routine supply run while Falkruun was attending officer school. His mother was so grief stricken with the news of her husband’s death that rather than live alone with her grief she choose to take her own life, leaving Falkruun to tend to the house and family matters of clan Anvilbeard.

Being the oldest in a family of five children Falkruun did what he could to take care of the family, but most of them act openly hostile to him, due to his mother taking her life and bringing shame upon their house. With their father dead and him being who they felt was responsible for all of this, most of the rage was turned upon Falkruun who so desperately sought to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Falkruun’s father; Baliff was a strong warrior and appreciated strength, honor and courage above all other traits. However with the sudden death of this father Falkruun will never know if he accomplished that task, and thus is the reason why he chooses to continue in a life of military service, always striving to better himself in an attempt to fulfill that desire.

The Anvilbeard is an old family, established well within records of dwarven lore and one that has never lived anywhere else as far as anyone can remember. However, more recently the family is the subject of dark tales and rumors that only add fuel to the fire of anger that his siblings feel for Falkruun. During the war Falkruun was charged with taking a strategic point and holding it until such a time as told otherwise. During the ensuing battle the entire area was bombarded with airship fire and both factions were summarily wiped out, save one; Falkruun.

The war priests told Falkruun there was little they could do; he would lose the sight of his right eye, as well as his entire right arm. It was a grievous blow. This world cared little for cripples or any who could not take care of themselves, dwarves especially. Falkruun had almost given up hope until a man approached him claiming to have knowledge of the Cannith magewrights, and promised to give him the use of his sight as well as that of his appendage if he would be willing to undergo the experiment. Given the alternative Falkruun readily agreed.

What happened next none could have predicted. Just as soon as the procedure was at its end fire erupted from Falkruun, burning its way into his flesh and carving out a twisted version of the dragonmark bore by the dwarves of house Kundarak. Outward and upward the flames reached until everything around him began to burn and melt. It seemed that several minutes had passed while the torrent of flames continued, and then a thick capacious fog began to emerge all around him swallowing up the flames and; changing them.

That was the last thing Falkruun could remember before blacking out. When he came too he was inside an inn of the city of Sharn. His warplate and gear stacked neatly against the wall opposite him, a strange elemental creature swirling like a cyclone sitting on the edge of his bed and most of the right half of his body emulated the physical features of that of one of the warforged from house Cannith.

Family Members;

Dolaff; Falkruuns brother and the second eldest. Was stuck actually caring for the family while Falkruun served in the war. Resents his brother for forcing him to take the role of “the female” in the family and held him back from serving in the war himself.

Baguco; third oldest brother. Follows along with whatever Dolaff says because Dolaff was the only authoritative figure of which Baguco could look up to.

Bis; Fourth brother; tends to stay neutral and go his own path. Listens to Dolaffs complaining and scheming when he has too, but really wishes to become a master forger. Plans on taking up apprenticeship with a master dwarven smith as soon as his ritual of age completes.

Aeni; youngest sister and closest member of the family that Falkruun feels a kinship too. He constantly wrote to her during his wartime serving, and still keeps in contact sending her money to help the family whenever he can. Occasionally receives news from her as well when messengers can find Falkruun.

Military career;

Prior to being declared dead and reassembled by a mysterious organization, Falkruun was a Major in the Brelish army.