User: Harve
Race: Brood
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: AeroSpace Pilot
A recent Addition to The Pack, Nhilus is the silent armor clad space fighter pilot, and stealth operative
Part of the Shadow Man's Private Science Projects, (The Family) Nhilus was created over a century ago. Off in a distant asteroid field during his youth while part of a mining operation he studied the stars when he was able to slip away unnoticed. As his fascination with the stars grew he became interested in starships, and expressing his "hobby" to his superiors he was placed into a training program for pilots.

A Minor incursion brought Nhilus to the attention of an older Family member, who began training him in certain close combat abilities, this was mostly do to his natural athletic agility.

From there Nhilus was transferred to a planet where his military training began, with his ability to slip away unnoticed he became the one his broodmates turned to when they required items that the family did not have.

It was here that Nhilus learned of his natural apptitude for running, being surprisingly faster than most of his broodmates he was placed into a group of scouts. His selfless service to the family earned him a great deal of respect and personal freedoms.

Then it was decided by the elders that the father did not truly have the families best interests in his plans so they broke away and traveled far from his grasp.

While in the periphery The pack was hired by The father to locate the grand-daughter Elissa, who was taken captive as a bargaining tool for the families freedom, things did not go as hoped and The Pack was captured by the family, in their subsequent escape Nhilus was sent along after them to make sure that theydid not break their promise to the family.
Nhilus Stands 7 foot tall
He weighs aproximately 210 lbs out of armor