Jericho Han

User: Austin
Campaign: Four Corners
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Corporate Hacker

Sybelline Genufutures
R&D Recovery Division

Property Record: 11565786
Subject: JCTA-ES-1572
Species: homo novare pardus

Age: 27
Ht: 5'7"
Wt: 155
Ntly: Korean
Eyes: Gold/brown Cat-Slit
Hair: Black

*NOTE: ES model is trained in disguise and personal camouflage, all physical traits are last known appearance.


  Jerico appears to be of Korean descent, with asian features, wide face and nose, and straight black hair. Features are neutral enough to blend in with most modern crowds without attracting attention, assuming contacts or goggles are worn. Large eyes lack the distinctive almond shape, instead being nearly round, with bright golden brown, cat-slit pupils. Fangs are extended and teeth generally pointed, although the effect is similar to cosmetic dental mods. Overall bearing and appearance are just off enough to be unsettling, without any single isolating cause.

  Body is slim and muscular, well within normal range, without obvious defect. Close examination reveals fine black hair and abnormal fingers and toes, digits hiding curved, sharp claws under conscious control. Jerico's senses are sharper, with increased hearing, scent, and superior night vision. Reflexes are notably quicker than average, movements containing a fluid grace that displays flexibility and control. Spending time in close quarters reveals that Jerico gives off very little scent or sweat, lacking many unpleasant hygienic side effects of lack of showers and hard work. However, Jerico does tend towards a diet of meat, usually ordered rare and in quantity. He'll often trade off vegetables and nutrient additives for protein supplements, and any sort of yeast or starch usually results in gastrointestinal unpleasantness. Jerico also seems to be addicted to GeneEase, a very common drug that reduces rejection and side effects of cosmetic genesurgery. However most other drugs are firmly avoided due to a high chance of bad reactions and side effects.

  Clothing-wise, Jerico makes little attempt at fashion, and looks like he belongs in the lower wards of Terran urban society or the outer rings of space station strata. Goggles are black and obviously expensive, with weight suggesting armor and electronics. Jerico usually wears a nanoweave bodysuit under looser clothing, commonly a leather vest, wraps around wrists and forearms, and loose jeans tucked into black combat boots. A large black trenchcoat completes the outfit, heavy scuffed leather hiding an ablative core. The outfit is designed to provide a freedom of movement and plenty of hiding places for gear, without appearing too armored.