"Screw you"
User: Al
Race: Half-orc
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/Assassin/4/4
Grutzin is a tall, brownish-green skinned man who is wearing studded leather armor, and has multiple weapons either on his back, in a sheath, or (worst case scenario for his enemies) in his hand. Big, ugly, strong, and suprisingly stealhty... Not a good combo for anybody who was ever mean to him. Despite the cruel nature of most assassins, Grutzin follows his own rigid code of conduct (Never kill women, children, or gnomes. Make death quick and painless for those who deserve it. Never betray those who have proven worthy. Expect that 'honor among theives' is a phrase exclusive to me.) and is generally accepting of most cultures, religions, and traditions.
A renowned orc mercenary got friendly with a dutchess and the result was not pretty... Literally, Grutzin was a very ugly child. Not very lucky either, because an evil group of assassins kidnapped and set him off to sea in a basket for the bad history between their group and the dutchess. He floated to a small gnomish village, and was raised there. He was taught in the ways on gnomish stealth and illusion, and though he lacked the brain of and illusionist, he was still the strongest one there. Eventually, his gnomish stealth training has paid off, seeing as how he makes a living by spying on and killing people.
Grutzin Revenger
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Race: Half-orc
Class: Fighter/Assassin
Level: 4/4

STR- 15 INT- 14 WIS- 8
DEX- 14 CON- 18 CHA- 6

HP: 34
HD: 4d10/4d6

Armor: +1 Studded leather+ Large Sheild
AC: 5

Assassin skills:
Pick Pockets- 30%
Open Locks-34%
Find/remove traps- 30%
Move Silently- 21%
Hide in Shadows- 15%
Hear noise- 15%
Climb walls- 91%
Read Launguages- X

Saving throws:
Paralyzation/Poison/Death- 13
Petrification/Polymorph- 12
Rod/Staff/Wand- 14
Breath Weapon- 16
Spell- 15

See loot page+ Footman's flail, Battle axe, a longbow, 49 arrows, and 2 golden chalaces.

THAC0: 18 (16 w/ longsword, 14 w/ longsword vs. dragons)