Dmitrii Mostovoi

"Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!"
User: Michael
Campaign: Four Corners
Race: Human
Gender: Male
(should be 5' 9½" tall, between 138-171 lbs, need to check GURPS and compare to STR to see if that he fits)
Dmitrii Mostovoi was born 22 August, 2243, in the town of Lomonosov near St. Petersburg, in Chinese-controlled Russia. The year of his birth marked the start of the Red War, when China tried to take ownership of space in the same way they took control of Russia almost a hundred years earlier. One of Dmitrii's earliest memories is of when, at age 4, his father told the family that his brother Yorgevny ("Uncle Yorgi") would not be returning from the Universal Treasure, nor would any of his uncle's family. It was then that he began to learn that "Russia" and "China" were not interchangeable words for the same thing.

Dmitrii went through the State primary and secondary educational systems without much in the way of academic distinction, and was involved in a few student "Pro-Russian Culture" groups that didn't accomplish anything. Upon graduation he managed to get into a paramedic training program as part of his higher educational goals, but his anti-Chinese leanings flared up anew after Dongfeng Space City was declared an independent nation, and he made it his goal to move there. It was at this time that he came into contact with a pro-Russia group that favored violence over protests, and he began to be called upon to "just happen to be" the nearest paramedic to where a bombing was to occur, allowing him to destroy incriminating evidence of his own explosives even as he evacuated the victims. While he was initially enthusiastic, having to see the results of this form of extremism eventually caused him to start having breakdowns, and finally cost him his job.

Never very good at keeping secrets, the Chinese government eventually placed him on a 'watch list' of suspected insurgents, but as they were still recovering from the "cold war" over Dongfeng, they never got around to actually arresting him before he managed to relocate to the Space City. He kept himself busy with a variety of odd jobs for a year or two until 2265, when first contact with the Ranari sparked his interest in the stars.

Now, five years of flight training later, with both aerospace and interplanetary piloting experience, Dmitrii currently pilots a last-generation loaner from Russia. He is doing survey work in the Terran system as part of the preparations for the deployment of "Melpolmene", now a month overdue.