Mirumoto Kanju

"The blood of Togashi lives on."
User: Perry
Campaign: Edge of the Empire
Race: Rokugani
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Togashi Tattooed Order/1st
Kanju is a young (30-some years old) monk of the Togashi order. He generally wears his robes fastened around his waist except when in colder climates. More so than other monks, or at the societal expectation of monks, Kanju is quick to anger and quick to resort to violence when angered. Do not let his hot-headedness fool you though, Kanju is considered quite the scholar among the young monks of his order, and this is what he hopes to be remembered by.
As the adventure begins, Kanju is traveling the colonies as both a roving tattoo artist and an author. He is passing through Kawaita Kawa no Mura as he seeks out the present location of Kitsuki Horume, the famous Kitsuki Justicar and one-time gamekeeper of the Kimu Mori. Kanju is writing a book, A History of the Dragon Clan in the Colonies, and seeks out the stories of Horume in order to write the next chapter.