User: EP
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class: Sentinel (Druid)
Sofie is an athletic, half-naked half-elf, clad in furs. She is usually accompanied by her lifelong companion, a large bear named Kyrr. Sofie has been roaming the wild since childhood, and her tanned, toned body is in peak physical condition. Her presence brings joy and strength to anyone in her company.
Sofie is the child of two half-elves. Her paternal grandfather was an elf that went against convention and married a human woman; Her parents weren't exactly outcasts, but never fit into elf or human society. Sofie's mother was a druid who taught her to feel the flow of primal energy through all living things and use that power to protect the forests.
Sofie is the self-appointed warden of the 'vergreen woods, more commonly referred to as the Beard. Protected by the forest spirits, she protects the forests, which in turn protects the sheltered cities where civilization prospers.