User: Rhonda
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class: Lost
Height: 5'10
Weight: 225lbs
Hair Colour: Dusty brown
Eye Colour: Hazel
Kith: Darkling Fairest
Seeming: Antiquarian Treasured
Mantle : About her mantle the smell of old musty books mixes with dry pieces of paper fall about her as if a stack of parchment slipping from a desk, before they hit the floor though they almost glow before vanishing inches above the floor.

**Merit: New Identity: Janice St Croix (Name given publicly amongst the members of Accord**

True name: (Ask me privately if you'd know it and I may tell you)

Mask: Fairly non description but with a healthy glow. Janice looks like a mousy Librarian. Narrow but sweet eyes that remain quizzical at all times. She appears to be somewhere between the ages of 30 and 40.

Mein: Far paler then normal her skin shimmers with a slight golden hue as if she herself was an antique of some nature, ears point slightly at their crest, her over all age looks far older then her mask's apparent age. Her eyes are not as bright and almost seem black with heavy sunken bags that makes her appear that she's no slept for weeks, but even with the lack of sleep her eyes seem to have a faint glow about them that is not too common for typical Darklings.Though swept up into a bun, her hair seems thinning and fine. One thing that changes from time to time though, along her back above her spine there is a number of Symbols and glyphs that seem to be tattooed into her, but if they're observed more closely it is quite clear they're no tattoos. These symbols, even when covered can be seen through her clothes as if they're glowing or as if they cloth is clear, but no glow can actually be seen. The last unique feature is above her heart, and left collar bone there is two runes woven into each other. The first Kenaz (knowledge) and overlapping it Algiz (life), these two much like those along her back seem to show through her clothes just like those along her back but they never change like the ones down her spine.
Known History : Having originally lived in the Pennsylvania area, Janice began researching and due to her already current interactions with both Vampires and Mages within the Philadelphia area learned a higher truth regarding something larger and far worse then the Gentry existing.Upon speaking with members of her Court and Freehold she decided that at that time she had to take a stand and joined with the Accord, renouncing her ties and protection of Safety that her Freehold had granted her and joined the local Cell of her area in 2010, though she did not remain in the area for very long. Word had reached her Cell that one who had made some type of leap in researching had gone dark and she was asked along with her associate to investigate it. Which is why now she's within the area, still trying to find some way of fixing the situation.
Cam Number: US2005116855
Domain: FL-005-d

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