"Maybe there'll be donuts!"
User: Immie
Race: halfling
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: thief/16
a small (but not tiny) halfling, Fiona has short curly red hair, light brown eyes, and is slim but strong. Always cheerful, she smiles often -- especially when she's eating.
Fiona comes from a family of merchants/smugglers and picked up the family trade, as well as thieving, as she was growing up (from relatives, clients, business associates, etc.). With a natural talent, as well as the inherent curiosity of a halfling (and then some), larceny came easily to her and she's been amusing herself, honing her skills, and looking for more of a challenge. As a thief/treasure hunter, she's always on the lookout for powerful artifacts (torch of the burning sky, tome of shadow, aquiline heart...), though now she's looking to use these items against the ragesians in the war.
Fiona inherited a journal from a fallen comrade-in-arms -- an elf who had left his homeland and was keeping track of his adventures to take back with him someday. she is trying to keep up with it and plans to send or take it to the elves if she can. she is always curious (and always hungry), full of questions, and loves to discover new things.