User: EP
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Warlock/19
Van is a gaunt, pale-looking tiefling with creepy black eyes. He wears a lot of black and usually appears to be holding back a smoldering rage. In combat, he poses a lot with his ashen rod outstretched, summoning the fires of hell to scorch his enemies or make them kneel at his feet.
Surprisingly, however, he's something of a softie and rarely kills humanoids.
Van is a tiefling prince, reportedly a direct descendant of Emperor Bael Turath (The first and mightiest of Tieflings). Over the years, great steps had been taken to ensure Van's bloodline--and sense of racial superiority--was pure.

His destiny changed when he met and fell in love with a human woman, Zofia. Van's father, Idvard, was a power-hungry lord with dark ties to devilry. Once it was clear Van truly loved the girl, Idvard tried to convince him to marry a pure-blooded tiefling instead, but Van was as steadfast as his love was true. And so Idvard approached Zofia's father, an evil baron, with a plan to end their relationship via an infernal pact.

Zofia's father greedily accepted the offer, and swayed by promises of wealth beyond his imaginings, agreed to trade his daughter and servitude for the same devilish pact Van's ancestors had made--the very same.

Within weeks, Idvard's fortune was gone, and he became crippled with long-delayed old age. Before he died, Idvard repented, telling Van what he had done and of how the devils had carried off Zofia to an infernal realm where she might be tormented or kept as a prize forever. He gave his son the family scepter, an ancient heirloom that predated the devil's pact, and showed him how to unleash its terrible power. With his last breath he suggested that Van might undo the damage his trickery had caused.

Van confronted Zofia's father, begging him to rescind the pact, and when the baron haughtily refused, he activated the scepter's power. The rod of destruction vanished in an eruption of pure energy, annihilating Zofia's father, the palace, and apparently Van, as time stood still for the young prince.

In that non-moment the devil Isifil appeared and offered to save Van, for a price. Snared just as his ancestors had been, he agreed, but asked that the devil would spare Zofia's life instead. "My life, for hers", he said, and the devil vanished with a nod, as his world faded to darkness.

Van awoke in the cratered ruin of the barony, as though awaking from a terrible dream. His body was cold and dead, yet his soul still burned, fueled by a dreamlike image in his mind: The dark-haired beauty, Zofia, alive but not well, still trapped in hell, all because of the devil’s pact.
Until recently, Van was dead. Returned to life for reasons unknown, he witnessed how the ravages of time and tyrants had affected the world when he was "away" and gained an odd respect for life.

He hates devils, a lot, probably because they have done nothing but screw over him, his ancestors, and his loved ones. He begrudgingly accepts the presence of Kazak, who the party has tangled with a few times but never fought head-on, because he believes the devil may have important information regarding his past life and love, but up until recently has been too terrified of the answers to ask the questions in the first place.
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