The Journal of Ollie Blackstone

Campaign: Athkatla

My name is Olivares Thiago D'Arnise Blackstone
I seem to be developing a very bad habit of writing while someone is trying to kill me - in this case, its Eladrin assassins. Now, whether the actual bad habit is writing in such circumstance or getting into these death defying situations in the first place is still up for argument. Regardless, I feel compelled to record the latest happenings as this might be my last chance; those Eladrin are devilishly good with those skinny swords!

To catch up, we entered the city of Candlekeep with a book of our own making. Apparently, you need a book worth 1000 gold coin to enter the city. I guess to keep the riff-raff out. Didn’t work in our case, thanks primarily to Warryn for penning the short history of what happened with Valar. I bound it with some wolf skin to keep out the rain, Wolves’ Bane to keep out the werewolves and a rare amethyst to get us into the city. It was a patchwork job but thanks to grandfather's training with documents and the like, it was good enough.

Candlekeep is an amazing city! Very expensive but it’s tastes and sights could not be beat. For a mere 100 gold coins, we had a cornucopia of every delicious wine and mouth watering dish that Candlekeep had to offer. I may never see its peer again and I’ll certainly never forget it. Besides a great place for lunch, Candlekeep is the repository of all knowledge. Later, perhaps as I was reflecting on that fact, all the dice seemed to come to rest for me. I'll explain.

We were making our introductions at a required dinner with some wizardly muckety-muck - again, the food was just superior - and it just came out. He asked my name and I told him.

”My name is Olivares Thiago D'Arnise Blackstone.”

And you know what? It felt really good. I even added that I had been going by the name Dalerains Talinbeck to avoid the thieves guild that recently tried to kill me. Honesty, it seemed so ... refreshing! Maybe I’ll try the truth more often. When I say the dice all stopped, I mean it just seemed the right time to quit running from who I am. Through all that we have been through, the advice from the silver dragon keeps coming back to me. ”I never forget who I am.” It’s time I started living ... and possibly dying ... as who I am - Ollie Blackstone!

I must go. We are racing toward the yacht of Princess Moonflower's uncle. You see, the assassins chasing him are the ones trying to kill us. If I dont make it out of this, someone tell the princess I think she is the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen and I think of her often. Truthfully, I'm doing this for her, not the money. This truth thing is exhilarating!
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