"you're going to feel the back of my hand"
User: Immie
Campaign: Evernight!
Race: human
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: defender cavalier (paladin)/7
5'7" with chestnut hair and tawny eyes, her youth spent working in iron mines and subsequent paladin training have given her a very muscular build.
orcs in the forest have killed people from her town, but after her father died as a result of one of these attacks, Betanda began to feel a strong need to protect those unable (or less able -- which, in her mind, is almost everyone) to protect themselves. However, her solution is to completely eradicate the orc population in the Beard (and other places), which she's planning to get around to....
Her superiors feel that she could use some field experience with a group to teach her some temperance in battle before she runs headlong into disaster.