Yazmeen Fairskin

"I like to feel the blood hit my face when I kill something, so No. I don't like Bows."
User: Joey
Campaign: Banalt
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/1
Next Level: 2000
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 17 Height: 4'11 Weight: 105 lbs
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Body: Wiry Thin Skin: Purplish

Str: 18/93 Hit Prob:+2 Dmg Adj:+5 Wght Allow:+2000 Open Doors:1-4(1) BB/LG:35%
Dex: 17 Reaction Adj:+2 Missile Attack Adj:+2 Def Adj:-3
Con: 17 HP Adj:+3 System Shock:97% Res Surv:98%
Int: 7 0 Addtl Languages
Wis: 11 Spell Bonus:0 Chance of Spell Failure:10%
Chr: 11(13) Max# Hnchmn:4 Loyal Base:0% Reaction Adj:0%
HP: 13 AC:+1

Armors: Splint Mail
Permanent Items: Sextant, Compass, Brass Spyglass
Yazmeen has lived with the stigma of being of small enough frame to be mistaken for a female orc from behind - the female name has never helped either.