"Yer on my team, now, lad. I've got yer back."
User: Oliver
Campaign: Evernight!
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Warpriest/7
Ostoher, like all Sun Priests, has golden brown skin, crinkled from a lifetime of laughing and enjoying the outdoors. His beard and hair have begun to grey prematurely, but he considers it s sign that Solace wants him to appear wise.
Ostoher, named after an ancient Dwarven king, has always been an anomaly among dwarves. He loves the feel of the sun on his face and would rather pick flowers than mine for gems. That said, he is a formidable warrior and can be just as obstinate and curmudgeonly as any mountain dwarf. Unswervingly loyal, Ostoher is dedicated to his companions and motivated by opportunities to serve others. Naturally a bit anal-retentive, Ostoher loves to handle details, like preparations for services. When faced with adversity, he tends to stall for a solution but often either falls back or gives in. It is a constant source of embarrassment for him that he has not overcome many challenges that he encourages others to face.