Flint Ironfist

"Gold, you say?"
User: George
Race: Longtooth Shifter
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Wildblood Warden/1
Flint stands at a relatively average 5'9". However, his broad shouldered frame is rather more impressive. His amber colored eyes are the first thing most people notice. They almost seem to glow when the light is dim. A mane of coffee colored hair frames these amber orbs and brushes the top of his shoulders. A full beard of the same hue covers his square jaw. When he smiles, which seems to be often, extended canines reminiscent of a wolf are revealed
Flint hails from the mountains of Lyssia. His people live in loose tribal groups, often trading members as the need or whim arises. As is tradition among hi people, he has left home to explore the world at large, and decide if he wishes to remain among his people for his adult life.