"Pelor's might be with me."
User: Perry
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Cleric/1
Personality Traits:

Polite and courteous to all but those who she considers wicked, Leah Albrecht follows the teachings of the Order of the Sun. She calls herself "Blessed," because the birthmark in the shape of the sun on the back of her left hand led her elders to celebrate her as such in her youth. Although she tries to not actively upset the balance of power in the district, Leah does try to bring a little bit of Pelor's light to all her dealings and to undermine the iron grip of the Golden Palm where ever possible.


Leah takes pity on those who blindly follow the will of others, and when anger is directed at her, she tries to find out the source of the anger, or who is behind it. Her favorite expressions are:
"Caeltril Solitas": an ancient elven greeting that Leah has adopted as her own, literally, "Mercy be, friend."
"Swords be true.": It may surprise people first hearing this expression that it has nothing to do with weaponry; instead, it is a contraction of "His words be true."
"To rest with ": a polite damnation; eg., "To rest with that idea.", "To rest with them."
"Sunshine!": an exclamation of surprise
Leah was sent to the low precinct after breaking an oath to the Order of the Sun, to which she belongs. She is here to heal the sick and to seek converts.