Corran Cogar

User: Justin
Campaign: Ethereal Knights
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Corran is a friendly, amiable man. He has welcoming green eyes, with shoulder length dirty blonde hair, and an almost constant smirk on his face. Corran has an almost annoyingly bright outlook on life. Don't confuse his jolliness for weakness, though, his skill with a sword makes him a powerful warrior.
Corran comes from a well-to-do family from the northern provinces. His father was an earl with many holdings of land. Corran was sent to school at the age of 8, and learned under the tutelage of a personal paladin to the king. Long hours of conditioning and training formed him into a lean, wiry young man. His teacher taught him the finer points of being a gentleman, as well as how to be a leader over armies. By 15, Corran had mastered the sword, the bow, riding a horse, and table manners. The paladin's daughter, Aila, caught Corran's eye. They courted and were soon betrothed.

Three days before the wedding, tragedy struck. A group of assassins, hired by a noble jealous of the Cogar clan's status, had snuck into their home. Corran had been away training with his master. His family was all murdered in their sleep, and the house burned down. The noble went before the king and made outrageous claims that Corran's father had been part of a plot to overthrow the king and take the crown. The noble had paid witnesses to make false claims against his family, and the king was furious. He dissolved the Cogar Earlship, and confiscated the wealth of the family. Corran's master knew it was false, but he was tied by his oath to the king, and Corran was exiled, doomed to wander the land alone.

Years later, Corran still wanders, making his fortunes doing side jobs, but his goal remains fixed. Restore his father's honor and bring the noble to justice. Evil men will have their reward, and the innocent will be restored!
59 - Charisma
87 - Strength
82 - Stamina
11 - Perception
69 - Agility
59 - Adeptness

Akimbo Training

Hemophelia - family genetic disorder
Rival - Noble knows Corran is still alive.