User: Mike
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Evoker/7
Son of a traveling wizard of minor repute, Edain learned how to be a wizard as his fathers apprentice from early on as a child. Father and son traveled from city to city, seeking work scribing scrolls and crafting minor magic items for the wealthy merchants in large cities. While growing up, Edain never knew his mother, and his father mentioned her only once after stumbling home from a Tavern in Absalom. The name Katerine du Alorient is the only thing Edain knows of the woman. He has spent much of his adulthood traveling to various cities as his father did, looking for some trace of the woman.

In the past 15 years, Edain has become a capable wizard. However, when he reached the age of 20, his father was murdered on the plains outside of Nisroch. A half-dragon by the name of Garlos killed his father simply to take the magic staff he owned while Edain was helpless from a crossbow bolt laced with a sleep poison. Edain now looks for Garlos, as well, for revenge. However, in his travels, Edain has learned of something regarding this Garlos. Rumors from among mercenaries the young wizard has worked with in the past have mentioned that this Garlos is a mercenary himself, which lead Edain to think perhaps he was hired to take that staff for someone else.

After his fathers death, Edain traveled to Katapesh to seek out an old friend of his fathers, a wizard who works to protect trade caravans. The wizard, Lumbo, is a gnome who accepted Edain under his wing to finish the young mans apprenticeship. Edain learned the art of mastering magical energy to create something from nothing. Under Lumbo's tutelage, he focused on battle spells, which he saw in use against gnoll, orc, giants, and lycanthropes over the past several years. Lumbo was killed by a giant while defending a caravan against a tribe of them transporting gold to Katapesh. Edain managed to bring the brute down with a well placed Scorching Ray, but the caravan was destroyed as Edain ran.

In the year since, Edain has wandered throughout Katapesh, looking through ruins and searching for some sort of artifacts which may help him in his search for the half-dragon Garlos to find revenge. When not searching, he makes a living in cities crafting crossbows to order for the wealthy. Through one of his recent customers, he has heard of the city of Kelmerane being rebuilt, and that there may be treasure nearby. Hence, he has purchased a horse, and gear with which to travel there.