"Awful lot of dead men walkin' for a tavern..."
User: Briar
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/2
To other races, Yimir would not appear unlike many other dwarves. Like the rest of his kin, he is short, stalky, and girth-ridden, though much of it is well-toned muscle with countless scars. His only bit of 'clothing' aside from his armor is that of a kilt of patched and ragged cloth that covers his legs down to his knees. Over his chest is a large metal plate that looks to have been crudely put together from random pieces of scraps, yet judging from the scoring and the flak debris rammed into it, is clearly stronger than it looks. Most of this, however, remains hidden behind a black beard, which now sports several white hairs.

The man himself is bald and in place of hair, he bears a tattoo similar to that of a celtic knot. He appears to be older than he is, and one would guess him to be at least fifty in human years. Many wrinkles line his forehead and underneath his solemn brown eyes.

But perhaps the first thing one's eyes are drawn to is the gigantic axe that typically sits top-down on the floor beside him. The axe itself is, much like the rest of his ensemble, made crudely and bears obvious signs of use, though the hilt itself appears in the image of two dragon heads facing away.
Yimir, son of Heimdall and Freyija, comes from the glorious mountain lands far to the south of Albarna and Korvosa. Like many a dwarven man, he was raised to be strong, stout, and fearless. And like many a dwarven man, he too possessed the tenacity and temperament of his kin. His upbringing was not unlike that of any other dwarf. At a young age he was taught to mine, to drink, and to fight, and by the time he reached his 'teenage' years, he had master two of them, and all but given up on the other.

His father had been a Hell Knight of Korvosa before his untimely death, and so too had his father before him, and his before his. It was no surprise, then, that Yimir, too, wished to honor the family bloodline, and he immediately began training to become one.

But his father had been a man not only of strength and tenancity as his son was, but also one of composure and forethought. Yimir possessed neither of these traits, being quick tempered and reckless. The Hell Knights, whom were at first overjoyed to have the son of one of their own join the ranks, immediately saw in Yimir a lack of discipline and justice. The dwarf's head was far too filled with battle and bloodshed for their ideals. And so, to Yimir's great shame, he was turned away.

But he was one of many whom were angered. His family, including his uncle, whom was also a Hell Knight, was disgraced by the news of his failure. He became a stain on the family name, and had to be dealt with. The first couple attempts on his life did not seem to phase Yimir, but the third one, which ended in the accidental death of his young flame, roused the dwarf's bleeding heart into anger.

His uncle lay dead the next night with a note taken from his desk, and no trace of Yimir was ever found. He took to the lands with only one destination in mind: Korvosa, the home of the Hell Knights. His eyes were opened, and the hypocrisy that they now seemed to represent enraged him. Even if he had to tear the throat out of each and every one, their so called 'order of justice' would be brought down forever.