The Journal of Janna Atari

Campaign: Drake's End

Memorial Interrupted
Though we prevented serious damage from the kobolds and were able to safely recover most of those who had been kidnapped, it was a somber day in Drake's End. The raid had damaged the town and there were several who had died, including Jessica as a meal for the dragon.

Thanks to our efforts, Talon, Earl Roots, and I were invited to attend the funeral of those who had died in the raid. We gathered in the temple to Pelor and waited for the service to start. Shortly before it was supposed to, Mr. Roots was approached by one of the townsfolk. It seems that the Tanneth, the priest who was supposed to lead the services could not be found. He was not in the temple nor in his home, so Mr. Roots was asked if he could lead the ceremony. He was very willing to oblige.

A few minutes into his remarks, the room suddenly darkened. A spirit arose from one of the coffins. It then spoke, seeming to address itself at Roots, Talon, and myself. It claimed that we let her die and she wanted her revenge. It was then that I realized that this must be the spirit of Jessica! A sickly light spread forth from her figures and two more of the dead arose.

This was my moment. I wasn't going to let any of these undead horrors harm the townsfolk! Drawing my weapon, I charged at the zombies near the townsfolk and attempting to take them down as fast as I could. Honestly the battle was a blur and before I knew it, we had seemed to quell the spirits and all of the townsfolk were alive, if perhaps injured.

Once we made sure they all got out of the temple, I insisted we find the source of this undead uprising. Exploring the upper level, we encountered some strange ectoplasmic goo which attacked us! Upon putting it down, we discovered that other goo seemed to be seeping up from underground. Clearly, this was the source of the vile undead. Working our way through the temple, we found other skeletons and zombies had been raised and I made sure they returned to the land of the dead.

We eventually found Tanneth's office. His ledger included some notes on his recent activities. Apparently, he had noticed that the spirits of the dead had been restless recently and worried for what this portended. He contacted a man named Yannis to help him build a ritual circle to settle down the dead spirits. That was the last entry and we concluded that something had obviously gone wrong.

Fighting our way into the basement, we found what looked like a ritual circle. There we were once again accosted by Jennifer's spirit. She was accompanied by more living ectoplasm and we noticed that the ritual circle glowed green when we defeated one on top of it. After an intense battle that exhausted us, we studied the circle some. Although none of us were very familiar with rituals that affect the dead, we did notice Druidic symbols on it which seemed odd.

Returning to the front of the temple, we were surprised to find that Jennifer's spirit was still active. It once again attacked us and when we attempted to fight back, we found that most of our attacks against it were ineffective and we were too exhausted to pull much out. It was then that I reached inside myself and realized that I had learned so much about defending others in the past few days. I was able to call upon my new experience to give myself a second wind and call upon Amaunator to bless my weapon. This turned the battle around we eventually had the spirit on the ropes. It attempted to flee and Talon was able to banish it.

We collected ourselves and knew we needed a rest to heal our wounds. We weren't quite sure what exactly had happened in that temple with that ritual circle. We had one lead though and, given our near death at the hands of the vile undead, we were anxious to follow it: We had to find Yannis.
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Meeting Drake's End
When I woke up today in Drake's End, I never anticipated this happening. I made it to the village the previous evening and grabbed a room at the inn. In the morning, I decided to visit what this town is famous for - the dragon skull. The stories say that there was a great dragon who ruled all other dragons. He warred with the kingdom and countless were killed before the dragon was finally defeated. His skull stands in the middle of the village as a reminder of the war and a memorial to those who gave their lives to put him down. I must say, it is mighty impressive. I can just imagine what this magnificent creature would have looked like when alive. Even though the dragon has been dead for several hundred years, you can still feel its power through the mighty skull.

Afterwards, I went into the local tavern to collect my thoughts and that is when chaos erupted. Ten minutes after I'd sat down there was a large commotion outside. As people stood up and wondered what happened, a group of kobolds ran in and started attacking. It was immediately reminded of the raid on my village by the horrid undead and jumped up to fend them off as I couldn't let the slaughter of innocents happen again!

I was joined in my defense by a cleric named Earl Roots and a Druid named Talon. Together, we managed to fend off the dog-like dragon-kin though not without casualties to some civilians. I rushed outside to see if I could help further. It seemed the kobolds were largely retreating from the town so I assisted in putting out the fires they had started and repairing the damage they had done.

Shortly thereafter, I was approached by the mayor of Drake's End. He had heard of me leading the fight in the tavern and asked if I could help again. It seems that during the confusion of the kobold attack, they had kidnapped several of the town's women and children. He asked if I could do anything to bring them back.

I swallowed. I didn't know if I was ready for this. I had been training and pledging my devotion to Amaunator in order to become as good a defender of his principles as I could. But did I really have the power to take on a tribe a kobolds? Would it be another let down like when my village was slaughtered?


I could not refuse. I got the location of the kobold's caves from the mayor and talked those who had helped me at the tavern into joining me to recover the missing villagers. Upon reaching the entrance to the caves, we parlayed with the guard hoping we could resolve this peacefully. After all, according to the mayor they had been on good terms with these kobolds for many years and would compete in yearly games together. Diplomacy was not to be the order of the day and we had to fight our way in.

Battling our way past kobolds defending their home, we eventually found the captured townsfolk and the key to their cell. Upon freeing them, we learned that this was all who had been kidnapped from Drake's End save a woman named Jennifer who had been taken to another part of the cavern.

Working our way past traps and nearly losing our lives to a group of kobolds led by a wily magician, we eventually came upon a sight I never thought I would see in my lifetime: a living dragon. It was rust colored and we quickly learned that it had assumed leadership over the kobolds and forced them to kidnap humans from the village on which it could snack. It also quickly decided we were a threat and attacked.

I can't deny it - my first aspect was to follow Mr. Roots' suggestion and run. This was a real live, honest-to-goodness dragon that was coming after us! But I steeled myself and we began a pitched battle where we actually managed to defeat the evil beast.

Tired, injured, but triumphant we headed back to Drake's End escorting those who we rescued. I must admit, it felt good to have spared this town a loss similar to that felt in my village. For the first time in awhile, I felt content.
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