Kristof Fellwood

"Anger, rage? Eh, I've got that. Real strength comes from the determination and will to succeed no matter the cost."
User: Andrew
Campaign: Carrion Crown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Warden/7
Kristof is a man of few words; growing up in the wilderness of southern Varisia while his parents logged the forests gave him a natural inclination towards solitude. Spending most of his time in the company of a copper dragon wyrmling's spirit gave him little opportunity to get a word in edgewise anyway.

His parents were killed by bandits in his fifteenth year, and though he fought hard he still did not have the strength to take them on single-handledly. That is, until the wyrmling spirit stepped in on his behalf and with a parting curse in Draconic fully opening Kristof's connection to the spirits and enabling him to unleash his rage upon his parents' murderers.

With the deaths of his parents and the mysterious departure of the dragon spirit, Kristof had little left at his family's remote cottage and left for the port city of Korvosa. When he arrived, he had several problems: one, he still had little control over his spiritual powers and tended to lash out with them at the slightest provocation and two; he was a penniless son of a pair of loggers from the back end of nowhere.

Kristof in short order found himself facing off a largish portion of one of the local gangs after inadvertently insulting the head tough's girl. The toughs didn't know what they were in for, and neither did Kristof who still hadn't quite figured out the meaning of "restraint" especially when paired with a spiritually charged woodsman's ax. Luckily for everyone involved, a dwarven shaman and her two bodyguards stumbled upon the encounter before Kristof had managed to fatally injure anyone.

Sensing the rather obvious potential within Kristof, she took him under her wing and taught him to control his primal powers and her contracted guards taught him the rudiments of melee combat and protecting a target. His mentor wanted him to fully become a shaman, but Kristof was still drawn to the life of a guardian, a warden, as the memory of his being unable to protect his parents without the power of the dragon's spirit still burned within his mind. So he joined the mercenary company that his mentor's guards were from as he finished his martial training and began his life as a contract bodyguard and occasional caravanserai.

Several years into his career while guarding a caravan crossing the Hold of Belksen he ran into a certain Professor from Ustalav being set upon by several orc raiders on the road to Lepidstadt. Another few years pass, and Kristof receives a strange letter as he returns to his company's headquarters after a particularly vexing assignment guarding a count's wayward daughter. It says that the Professor had died, and requests him to come to Ravengro to attend a reading of his will. Feeling a strange sense of worry, Kristof arranges for a leave of absence from the company and makes way to Ravengro.
Nicknamed "Spirry" by the fellow members of his mercenary company for his use of spiritual powers in aid of his combat abilities.