Oomami Stone

User: David
Campaign: Carrion Crown
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Ranger/1
Though obviously possessing Orcish blood, prefers human fashions. Tends to prefer his own company to that of others. Talks only as much as he needs to and no more. Prefers to let his actions define him.
Oomami Stone was born as Narmin Stone to merchant parents in Tamrivena. Though they argued over whose ancestors gave Narmin his distinctly Orcish look, both their families had Orcish blood mixed in during the many centuries of attacks from the hold of Belkzen so his appearance was probably from both of them. Despite his looks, they loved and cared for him, wishing they could protect him from the prejudices he faced. They encouraged him to dress and act as human as possible and to this day he prefers the current human styles of fashion.

Normin did not have the sense for business that his parents had, but in traveling with them through Canterwall, Lorzeri, and Vieland, he found that he did possess keen strength and agility. He was soon training with the caravan guards the merchant groups his parents traveled with often hired.

At fourteen, tragedy struck. While on a trade route that led into the foothills of Belkzen, the merchant caravan was attacked by creatures bearing the taint of the Far Realm. Though he and the other two guards, managed to eventually beat back the creatures, both his parents had been struck by them and developed a quick-acting sickness that took their lives within a day.

Orphaned now, and seeing the fear and loathing in peoples' eyes in the human towns, Oomami set off for the Hold of Belkzen hoping to find respite with his Orcish ancestors. Life was just as tough for him there, and without his physical prowess he would not have lasted long. But he could hold his own in a fight and was wise enough to know when to stay away from one.

Feeling that he had somehow failed to protect his parents, he attempted to learn everything he could about fighting. He found some willing to teach him and, still stinging from the prejudices of the humans, adopted an Orcish name of Oomami. But, though he could survive in the Orcish villages, he did not relish their culture or customs. Indeed, he was coming to find that he did not prefer to socialize and party and drink and brawl like most of the young Orcs, but rather liked to be left to himself. And prejudice works both ways and he received many pejorative remarks about how human he was.

Oomami once again set off on his own, wanting to take revenge on the aberrant creatures that felled his parents. Shortly, he met up with a man named Strepper who wielded two swords and also had a passion for hunting abnormal and tainted beasts. Strepper mentored Oomami, teaching him hunting and battle techniques and after about two years, there was a mutual understanding between them to go their own ways.

Now 17, Oomami began the way of life he has followed for the past 3 years. He explores the forests, hills, and mountains of western Ustalav and eastern Belkzen taking relish in destroying aberrant creatures and collecting various treasures and knick-knacks which he sells in the various towns in Ustalav.

It was in doing this that he met professor Lorrimor who occasionally browsed the seedier markets on the outskirts of Ravengro looking for evidence of ancient magicks and artifacts. Intrigued by an item that Oomami was selling, Lorrimor asked him about him about it and where he had obtained it. Though he was generally reluctant to talk much with others and reveal his life, something about Lorrimor showed that he cared not about social conventions, profit motives, or prejudices and just wanted to know about Oomami's adventures. He shared stories of interesting items he had encountered and when he began talking about the creatures he fought, Lorrimor grew more interested and began jotting down notes on them. Thereafter, any time Oomami came through Ravengro, he made sure to let professor Lorrimor know he was in town and Lorrimor was always eager to hear of the beasts Oomami had been fighting and, though Oomami didn't totally understand all the things Lorrimor said, Lorrimor was happy to tell about where in the Far Realms these creatures likely came from, which ones were likely related, and so on.

And now fate has returned Oomami Stone to Ravengro shortly after the death of professor Lorrimor. While there, he learned that he was named in Lorrimor's will. Intrigued and wanting to pay respects for one of the few people he would consider a friend, Oomami heads to Lorrimor's funeral.