Kat Tsundere

User: Sarah
Race: Changeling
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Bard/7
Villages are not a good place for Changelings. I learned that at an early age. We stick out to much.

We moved around a lot. Village to village. Town to town. Bloody nightmare. As soon as I was old enough I left.

To the outside world my talent is music. That is what I do at night, in dingy bars and night clubs. I choose to play in those places for a reason. There I can hear things. Glean information that I can use for my real talent. The word they use is 'Inquisitive'. It is my hobby. It is my passion. It is why I was drawn to Sharn - the place of mysteries. And I can solve them - not for money, not for recognition. I do it because I can. I do it for the thrill.

I get myself into situations sometimes. I stumble accross things I shouldn't. I stumble accross people I shouldn't. I don't use my disguise very often - it causes too much grief. Thankfully this tends to win me respect - even although people have a natural mistrust of Changelings, the fact that I choose to live as myself seems to make them trust me. They know who they are dealing with.

It's certainly what won me favour with Greer - an Inquisitor from house Cannith. Our paths crossed accidentally several months ago - we turned out to be looking for the same information. We worked together briefly until we each found what we needed. But our paths keep crossing. We have similar methods I think. Similar interests. He gets me. First person ever - usally it's me who gets them. He says he has put my name forward for some with withing the house - we shall see what happens.